God’s Amazing Grace

Hi again! 😊

You may have noticed that many of my previous blog articles as well as my bio have been removed from this website. I may decide to later go through my bio and republish it here on this website, or even on another — or both — but I’ve gone through a fundamental shift in some of my spiritual beliefs, so until I have the time (and the desire) to go through my bio and reword some of the language so that it properly reflects my current state, I felt it easier to simply remove it from this website.

Those of you who follow this blog may remember that several years ago, after having gone through two years of “deliverance counseling” with Dan Duval, a “Christian life-coach” (a process that ended up being fundamentally similar to the mind-control programming I was forced through as a child, but that’s a different story), I found myself in a place of utter despair, broken in mind, body, and spirit. Part of my healing process over the next few years included renouncing and separating myself from nearly every spiritual experience I had had during those long months of “counseling.”

Not all, no, but most.

For example, since interacting with Jesus during the “counseling” process had ended up so horribly, I came to the conclusion that any interactions with any Spiritual Beings who call themselves Jesus, was of Satan and not of God. I came to a similar conclusion concerning interactions with other types of Spiritual Beings, as well, such as Angels, but I was especially adamant about not interacting with Jesus, period.

I hadn’t always believed that, of course, but during the course of the awful “deliverance counseling” I had been through, there had been many false Jesuses who had popped up, some a result of having been purposefully programmed as a child, and rather than being taught how to discern for myself what was of God and what was not, my “life coach” instead “encouraged” me (bullied me…bulldozed over me…) to automatically accept any and all spiritual experiences as something that was of God. The ensuing chaos from doing just that was overwhelming, so after I left that type of “counseling,” part of the healing process was to “hit the reset button,” so to speak, and to stop interacting with Jesus altogether, going so far as to kick him out of my internal space. I don’t regret having done that, because that was what I needed to do at that time in order to begin healing, but my negative experiences over having been so grievously deceived within the “Christian counseling” situation, coupled with subsequent teachings that I learned from others who I believed were better educated than me (therefore, in my mind, more capable of knowing the truth than I), led me to the conclusion that such interactions with Jesus were not of God, but of Satan.

(This is just one example of what I renounced and separated myself from. There are many, but I bring this one up so I can make the point I’m trying to get across in this blog post.)

Over the next few years, I learned many valuable lessons. Had eye-opening revelations, as it were. And even though in retrospect, not everything I learned has necessarily stuck with me long-term in the exact form that I was able to first understand it, every lesson has been a necessary step towards my long-term healing. For example, the “Jesus thing”: yes, I stopped interacting with Jesus — I stopped praying to him and seeking him out as I had been used to doing since I was a very young child, and I stopped going inside my internal space with the intention of speaking with him and inquiring of him — but I instead learned to do what he taught, which was (and continues to be) a critical part of my healing.

I learned to pray to the Father.

I learned to give every thought and question to God.

I learned to verbally and by faith submit myself and every part of myself to the will of God.

All of this is exactly what Jesus taught us to do! So, no, I didn’t reject Jesus, as some falsely accused me of during that time, but I began learning to obey the teachings of Jesus, learning to imitate him by learning to practice what he taught. And through it, I slowly started to trust God, my Creator, something I had never before in my life been able to do.

Even still, although my trust in God was growing, and with it, my faith, there were deep-rooted traumas that kept me from being able to fully trust, and I was easily discouraged, especially when I would search out teachings from others. It seemed everything I was studying and reading had the capacity to somehow trigger deeply-rooted fears within me that caused me to believe that God had created me to be against Him, to betray Him, to work against Him. I’d eventually come to a place of understanding and peace within myself, but then something else bad would happen. Maybe it was an abduction or a demonic attack, or maybe it was being rejected or gaslighted or lied about by yet another Christian friend, or maybe it was reading a Bible study that Reverend So-and-So had written — and I would begin fighting those fears all over again.

At the same time, I was also struggling with another part of me, Starla, who I believed at the time was a part of me who was very Luciferian. She was constantly pressuring me, sometimes subtly, sometimes not-so-subtly, to take another look at some of the things I had discarded, and it was sometimes very difficult to know what was up and what was down.

So last year, I finally came to a place where I fully faced my deepest fear, and accepted it as being true: that I was doomed from the very beginning of my existence to an eternity of hell, regardless of my love for God and my desire to please Him. This was not a lightly-held belief, but a belief that had been ingrained in me — literally beaten into me — from the age of two, and reinforced throughout my lifetime by different traumatic events and different people, some who were certainly abusive and self-serving and with evil intent, but others who may have been well-meaning, but were simply misguided themselves. And in spite of believing that what would please God was also what would doom me to an existence without Him, I finally resigned myself with sorrow in my heart to what I had been fighting against the vast majority of my life, and said, “Okay, God, not my will, but Yours be done. If You want me to work against You, then that’s what I’ll do.”

I was shocked by what took place next.

Immediately after my surrender, the part of me I had been struggling with for so long — Starla, the one who I thought wanted to work against God, who I thought had been spear-heading the entire effort in spite of her repeatedly telling me no, that’s not what she meant, and I was just misunderstanding — she opened the internal doors I had been trying to keep shut and locked, and in marched Joshua, a Spiritual Being some of you may remember me having talked about before.

Joshua had been with me for many, many years, since birth — before, even, but that’s another story — and during the “counseling,” I had thought that he was an Angel, even though I privately felt that it didn’t seem quite right (he certainly didn’t look or act like any of the other Angels!), but it was clear that he was some type of Spiritual Being. After I finally extracted myself from the toxic “counseling,” I rejected Joshua, too, my fear being that perhaps he was some type of demonic being — the ones who cloak themselves in light in an effort to hide the dark — or perhaps he had simply been a programming script that was being played out by another part of me… or perhaps he had even been a figment of my imagination as I had tried to heal and make sense of the senseless and harmful “deliverance counseling” situation.

I wasn’t entirely sure, but regardless, after I had extracted myself from the injurious “counseling,” I tried to lock Joshua away in an internal room along with all the others who were causing chaos or who I thought might be causing chaos, but he simply left. So I came to the conclusion that he was probably a demonic being, but I couldn’t be entirely sure. I didn’t really know, and I didn’t really care. I was just glad he was gone.

So when Joshua marched back in last year, after I had finally surrendered to what I thought was God’s will for my life and after finally coming to a truce with Starla, I wasn’t happy to see him. I thought, “Oh great, here we go again,” and I rolled my eyes at him, disgusted with what was going on, and a little afraid, too. But he just looked at me with a huge grin on his face and laughed. Then he walked over to me and leaned in close, his demeanor suddenly very serious. “Do you believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God?” he asked.

He had always been so jovial with me in the past, so the stern look directed towards me felt a little scary, but the words he asked startled me, and my heart was stabbed with pain, as if I were being punished by being forced to confess my belief in Jesus while at the same time being pushed into working against him. It didn’t feel fair. It felt rather cruel, but I exclaimed loudly, “Yes, of course I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God!”

Then he asked, “Do you deny Christ?”

At this, I became very angry. “No! Of course not! He has denied me, not the other way around!”

Joshua just looked at me, his countenance motionless, like a stone, and believing his expression to be conveying anger, I became even more incensed. How dare he be angry at me?! He had no right! I was the one being forced into a situation that I had never wanted. I was the one forfeiting my own soul, knowing full-well the consequences. And he dare stand in front of me, angry because I refused to deny Jesus Christ?! So I hollered at him again, “I may be working for you and whoever else now, but I won’t deny Christ, and if that’s a condition of my cooperation, then you’ll have to find someone else because I won’t do it!”

He stared at me for a moment longer, and I stared back at him, fuming, and then he turned and walked out. I was frightened at the thought of having made him angry (so I thought), but I was too angry myself to really care much about the consequences of having spoken out in such a fashion.

Over the next few days–or was it a few weeks? I can’t really remember, time seemed to be all squished together. Regardless, for a period of time afterwards, I tried to get myself in the mental space of doing something I had been trying to NOT do for my whole life, which was to work against God. I didn’t know what I was going to be doing, but I figured when the orders came down, I’d be made aware of them in some way, so I tried to not think about it too much. In spite of the situation, however, there was a strange and unexpected peace that had come over me. I decided it was probably because I had finally stopped fighting the inevitable.

Some time later — days or weeks, I can’t remember — Joshua came strolling back in, Jesus close on his heels.

I rolled my eyes again. “Great,” I thought. “Just great… why does he have to be here?” And I asked Joshua the same: “Why is he here?” I figured it probably had something to do with the assignment I assumed Joshua was there to tell me about, and I wasn’t happy. How was I going to work with Jesus when I didn’t believe he was actually Jesus at all, but an antichrist!? I wasn’t looking forward to the game of pretend I could see stretching out ahead of me, and I wondered how long I’d last before completely losing my mind… or before I came to a place where I actually believed the lies I was going to have to pretend to believe. I wasn’t sure which scenario was better or worse, and in spite of the obvious irony, I actually prayed to God, even though I wasn’t sure He was listening any longer, “God, please help me do this thing, because I don’t know how I’m going to do it.”

But Jesus didn’t even look at me. He just walked right past me, and went to the others (the other parts of me) who were gathered together on the other side of the hall, waiting anxiously for him. I was dismayed, and more than a little resentful, when they greeted Jesus with such joy. I watched as the little ones jumped around him, saw the smiles and heard the laughter. I watched as they each tried to get his attention in different ways, some by jumping in front of him, some by tackling his legs or jumping on his back, some by standing shyly to one side, flushing and smiling when his gaze met theirs. I watched as Jesus turned to each of them, one by one, with a smile or a soft touch to the face or a kind word or a happy laugh or a tussle of the hair or a sweeping hug.

I watched and I was angry. Resentful. Maybe a little jealous, too, of all of the love and attention the others were getting, but I pushed that traitorous thought away. I was disgusted. I felt betrayed by my own selves! How could they react with such an embarrassing display of welcome after what we’d already been through with all those false Jesuses? How could they not know that this Jesus was no different than all the other impostors, that he was an antichrist, the same as all the others? How could they not remember what we had learned, that it was not a Godly thing to interact with Jesus, that it wasn’t Biblical, that it wasn’t of God? How could they forget that Jesus was in Heaven, on the throne beside God, that his work was already complete and finished, and that he had nothing more to do except sit around in Heaven, and maybe even do things up in Heaven, but certainly not do things on Earth?! How could they betray me in such a way?

But I decided to ignore the whole situation. It was out of my hands. I wanted nothing to do with Jesus, and I wasn’t going to interact with him unless I absolutely had to. The others could, if that’s what they wanted to do, and I wasn’t going to fight it. But I didn’t like it. And I didn’t have to do it for myself. “I’m not talking to him,” I told Joshua.

“That’s okay. You don’t have to,” he responded.

A short time later — days? weeks? I’m not sure — Joshua came again and brought Starla and I to the pool that Jesus had built some years before, the Mitzvah, as I had later learned it was called. And I thought again, “Great, just great. Another place I thought I had shut down, yet here it is again….”

I had shut down the Mitzvah because, in a round-about-way, it had been associated with the trauma I had gone through with the “deliverance counseling.” Jesus had built it one day, unexpectedly, during my private time with him (not during a “counseling” session, in other words), but since there had been so many false Jesuses that had shown up during those sessions, I couldn’t know for certain if the real Jesus had built the pool, or if it was part of the programming and part of the deception. Once I had decided that I believed it to be impossible for Jesus to do any more work on Earth (not “impossible” impossible, but just “against the rules” impossible… “against sound Christian doctrine” impossible), I knew in my heart that the Mitzvah wasn’t of God. So I had closed the door to the Mitzvah, locked the doorknob, engaged several thick bolts along the length of the door, hammered a thick piece of plywood over the entire entrance, and just for good measure, I screwed in planks of wood across the entire thing, just in case someone in the Main Hall forgot that the pool was not a good place to be. I was hoping the place would just disappear eventually, the same way Joshua and all the Jesuses and all the Angels had disappeared, too, after I had either kicked them out or tried to lock them away, but I figured that if the pool didn’t disappear and someone tried to get in, they’d have a hard time accessing the room, and the time it would take for them to get through all the screws and nails and bolts and locks would be enough time for me to realize what was going on, and come in and stop it from happening.

But that day, when Joshua opened the door to the pool room for Starla and I, it was as if all the locks and barriers had never existed in the first place, and I was peeved to think of how easily wasted the effort I went through to make sure the pool was inaccessible. But in spite of my complete lack of respect and understanding about everything that was going on, I was attempting to be more cooperative, so I said nothing, and allowed Joshua to lead Starla and I into a type of integration. It wasn’t a complete integration, because I saw her a few times afterwards (although it may be a complete integration by now, I’m not sure), but it was a partial integration that brought closer understanding and acceptance between the two of us.

Afterwards, I remembered something from several years back, when Joshua had made himself known to me again during one of the especially hard times of “counseling.” (I say “made known to me again,” because I had interacted with him as a young child, but I had forgotten about it for a long time.) When he had made himself known to me again, in response to my question of what his name was, he had told me that I could call him Joshua.

In remembering the way he had worded it …

you can call me Joshua

… I suddenly wondered if Joshua was his actual name, or if he had just been giving that name to me in order to placate me at the time. Then I had the sudden thought that perhaps he was one of the Ascended Masters, the ones who work for Satan to bring deception, not God’s Messengers, and so I asked him, “What’s your real name?”

His response was puzzling: “I have many names. One of them is Balthazar. You can call me Balthazar.”

As the days turned into months, and as Jesus continued his work with the other parts of me, and as Joshua/Balthazar continued his work with me, and as more integration and healing took place (maybe one day I’ll share some of those stories of how they took place), I began to slowly realize that Jesus, who with such love and gentleness was bringing me and every part of me into healing and wholeness, wasn’t an antichrist as I had feared he was. I began to realize that he wasn’t a deception, but that he was exactly who he’s always claimed to be: the Son of God. And I realized that I wasn’t working for or being asked to work for Satan at all. In fact, I wasn’t even being asked to do anything at all, but to just trust the healing process that God, through the work of Jesus and Balthazar, was bringing me through.

When I began to realize these things, there was initially some embarrassment and even twinges of shame that twisted at my heart and mind, because of how I had refused to talk to him and had even kicked him out in the first place! Both of them! But I was surprised when Jesus and Balthazar quickly laughed my shame away. They told me it was just part of the process I had needed to go through, that they knew it was going to happen, they knew why it would happen, and that there was no reason to be upset.

“I always finish what I start,” Jesus said to me later, and my heart was comforted and completely at peace with Jesus and with everything that had been taking place, realizing that God had been and will continue to be in control.

Over time, I began to question my own perceptions about past spiritual experiences, and I realized I have more misunderstandings over some of those things, beginning as a young child and continuing on. Not all, no, but some. I’ve been corrected in my understanding about some of the experiences, and some of them I’m still not sure of, to be honest, but I’ve realized that if I am meant to have understanding, it will come in time, so I’ve also learned to not feel pressured into understanding every single thing that happens to me, but to simply trust that God will reveal to me the truth as I’m meant to understand it.

I’ve also learned that my understanding of truth (by this I mean God’s Absolute and Universal Truth, but I also mean those things that are personally true for me) is ever-evolving and expanding, and to not be afraid of this living process, because it’s normal and it’s okay, and God is with me through it all.

I’ve realized that the importance of the lessons God began teaching me several years ago, early on in my healing process, concerning Truth (the Universal Truth of God), has become so much more meaningful to me now in this new perspective than I ever thought it would: that Truth does not hold to me, it does not begin and end with my personal belief system, it is not bound by my personal religious preferences, it is not changed by my personal interpretations or opinions, it is not defined by what I hold to be true for me, but God’s Universal Truth is something that stands alone, it is something to be sought after and followed, and that the journey of seeking Truth is an eternal journey.

I’ve learned that the more I know, the more I realize I do not know, and I’ve learned to be okay with that, understanding that as time passes, my experiences will shape my opinions, my understanding will be deepened, and what was personally true for me earlier may change or evolve later as I come to a closer understanding of God’s Eternal Truth. This is part of the Divinely beautiful process of learning and growing and evolving and becoming that all of us, as humanity, are meant to go through.

And so, as time passed, I began to realize and accept with humble gratitude that Jesus has come to personally bring healing to me, as are all of the Messengers that God has sent: the Angels at times (but always under the direction of Jesus, never by my command), Joshua/Balthazar, and more recently and quite unexpectedly, another, but maybe I’ll talk about her at a different time.

I don’t know why God has granted me this grace — I certainly have done nothing to deserve it — but I have learned to trust the process that God is leading me through. To trust God. And I’m thankful that God has brought me to the point now where I’m not afraid of being deceived any more, because I fully trust God and have learned to do as He has taught me: to wholly submit everything to Him — every question, every experience, everything I see or hear, every part of me, every fear, every joy, every single aspect of my entire being — to ask for His will to be accomplished in my life and within every situation, and to simply rest in knowing that He will take care of it in a way that brings glory to Himself, and in a way that works toward my eventual glorification with Christ, as we have been promised.

And I’ve realized a few other important things, too.

I realized I’m no longer afraid. This came after an unexpected integration with little George, and I hope to be able to share that experience one day, but I’m no longer afraid! I’m no longer afraid of messing up, of displeasing God, I’m no longer afraid of hell, I’m no longer afraid of what will happen or could happen in the future. I’m no longer afraid, because I stand secure in the Love of God, in the Light of Christ, and I trust Him. If I could bottle up this amazing, freeing feeling and pass it out to every single person who is on the face of the earth, I would. But I can’t, and even if I could, it wouldn’t matter, because this is a revelation that each one of us must come to understand for ourselves. And if we keep our relationship with God as the main focus of our life’s energy, God will show us how amazing His love is, and how secure we are in His love.

I realized that Joshua/Balthazar did not ask me to deny Christ, as I had originally thought; instead, he was asking me if I did deny Christ. There is a very distinct difference. But in my mind that day, having finally accepting what I so strongly believed, that I was meant to work against God, and believing that Balthazar was a spiritual being of some sort who was working against God, and seeing the serious look on his face and believing it to be anger that was directed towards me, I believed that day that he was asking me to deny Christ. But in fact, he wasn’t angry with me at all, but he simply wanted me to recognize the seriousness of his questions; and by asking the questions, he wanted me to recognize and to confess that I would not deny Christ.

Over the course of many conversations with Balthazar, he explained a few things to me about the whole “deliverance counseling” debacle, and I came to a place of peace and understanding within myself. The main point he made to me was this: he told me, “I was there for you, not for him.”

I further questioned Balthazar about some of the specific things that had happened during “counseling,” and while I won’t repeat most of it, because the entire thing is in God’s hands, it will work out the way God has ordained, and it’s not my place to talk about it any longer in the same way I had talked about it before (although there is no regret concerning my previous discussions), I was told this: “It’s not your place to worry about it any longer. Pray for him, and let it go.”

So I have let it go, and it feels wonderful to be freed from that responsibility now. I did what needed to be done, in spite of the pain it caused me and in spite of the backlash it left me vulnerable to, and now that work is done. And since Carolyn came to a similar conclusion as I did (although I’m not entirely sure how she came to reach that conclusion), I feel at peace with the entire affair, and thank God for that!

I’ve also realized that I’ve come full circle to where I was before I got tied up with Duval’s organization. Before I was even introduced to Duval, and before he even first offered to be my “life-coach,” Jesus had manifested to me (in the spirit realms, not in the physical), opened up the space within me that I hadn’t remembered about for years (“The Great Hall,” as I had called it, although I subsequently changed it to the “Main Hall”), and showed me all the doors lining the wide hallway. He told me then, all those years ago, “We’re going to go to all of the doors and I’m going to open each of them, look inside, and expose what’s there to my Light. This isn’t for your pain or for your condemnation, but it’s for your healing.” He told me that he wanted to go into those dark and scary places with me — those shameful places where the hurt is — because he wants to help me. He said that he had already been there before, and He knew his way around, and in thinking back on all of that, I realized that if I would have stayed on that path that God had placed before me from the beginning — the path of allowing Jesus to bring healing to those places within me and to all of the parts of me — I’d have avoided the pain and trauma of the “deliverance counseling.” If I would have trusted God for my healing instead of looking to another person for my healing, I’d have saved myself a lot of heartache.

Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong with reaching out and helping one another, nor in accepting the help of others… but there has to be wisdom in knowing who is and is not trustworthy. And for me, even though the right people can be helpful in my healing journey, my healing ultimately comes from my Creator, not from people.

On the other hand, I’ve realized that God taught me some very valuable lessons through all of the trials of those years — the least of which, I have learned a little more discernment — and He has worked it out so that I am brought even more healing because of the pain I went through. Furthermore, God isn’t just working things out for my good, but also for the good of others, so even the things I’ve gone through in life that have brought me pain will be used for the eventual healing and reconciliation to God even of those who caused the pain. So I’ve realized that, although I do not wish the anguish I suffered through upon anyone, and although I do not ever wish to go through that again, I’m also not regretful any longer over having gone through it. I no longer blame myself nor am I ashamed of myself for being conned and deceived into walking down the wrong path, and I’m no longer angry over the lies and the deceit of others, because I see that God has worked it out for my good. And I also have faith that if they seek after God, He will also work it out for the good of all who were ever involved in that mess, because God’s promises are for everyone.

I’ve realized that in an effort to push out all the lies I had been told and had believed, I inadvertently pushed away some beautiful truths, as well. I didn’t discard all truth, no, but I certainly rejected some. But I’ve also come to a place where I understand that it was part of my process of healing, and that I had to do just that: push it all away. That was a very important part of my healing process, especially when it came to breaking the hold that the programming had over my mind and emotions, and if I had to do it over again (God forbid!), I’d do exactly the same: sweep everything away until nothing remained, no lies and no truth. Why? Because I’ve realized that when I place my trust in God, whatever is of Him will remain. To put it another way, what is meant to come back will come back, and what is meant to stay away will stay away. And that’s exactly what has happened.

I’ve learned that one’s spiritual philosophy, theology, or understanding may or may not be correct, and that we can all have opinions about what is best for us; but what is most important is Love. What matters is the state of one’s heart. (Matthew 22:35-401 Corinthians 13)

I’ve learned to not expect my spiritual walk to look like others, nor theirs to look like mine.

God has an individual plan for all of us (Psalm 37:1840:5139:16Isaiah 25:1Ephesians 1:11), and I’ve learned that the same faith I have for the Spirit to keep me on the path that God has set for me can be applied to other people, and I can have faith that the Spirit will keep others on the path that God has set for them, without feeling the need to intrude, object, or expect others to believe the same way that I believe, or to have the same understanding as I have. We are all on different paths and levels of understanding, and that’s not a bad thing. That’s a good thing, because in this way, we can both give and receive help and counsel when needed.

I’ve learned that even though darkness can and will masquerade as light, if I keep my focus on God, there is no reason to be afraid of the darkness nor of the deception.

Evil can try to hide under a cloak of what seems to be good deeds that look right, and practice deceit by using right words that sound good. And I’ve seen men and women try to wield the Light — the Truth — for themselves, and through their ego, try to control it, using it as a weapon to beat others into submission, to build their own kingdoms, to gain for themselves whatever it is they desire, to cause harm to others, etc. I think we’ve all worked out of our egos in such a fashion, to a lesser or a greater degree. But that is not of God. That is not the Goodness of God. That is not His Light, nor His Love, but it is a deception.

Goodness comes from GodLight comes from God. In His Love, He pours out His Goodness and His Light upon us, into us, and ultimately, through us. In this way, Light shines in the darkness, and Goodness overcomes evil.

But if, in our fear of the deception of the darkness, we don’t allow Him to pour His Light and Love into us, and ultimately through us… if we instead hide our Light — the Light that comes from God — under a basket, or bury our Treasure in fear — the Treasure that comes from God — then what good can they do? What good can we do?

So I’ve learned to not be afraid of the darkness nor of the deception, but to simply keep focused on God and on my relationship with Him. The Spirit will take care of all the rest.

And I’ve learned that where sin abounds — even those sins that were committed against me as a child — God’s grace abounds all the more.

I’ve been reticent to publicly talk about these things, and this will likely be my last blog post on this website. Too, I’m still figuring a few things out for myself, and I realize that where I’m at in my life at this moment is in conflict with some of what I have previously shared, for instance, in things such as interacting with Spiritual Beings such as Jesus, but also concerning some past spiritual experiences that I was interpreting through the eyes of my own beliefs, values, opinions, and other past experiences. Which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. After all, don’t we all interpret current experiences through the lens of our personal beliefs that have been shaped by past experiences? How else should we process and understand anything at all?

But my beliefs aren’t the same as what they used to be. They have expanded and grown, and to some — to those on the outside, looking in — it may seem like a dramatic shift, a complete 180-degree turn from where I used to be. I can see where this may seem to be true in one aspect, but to me, it hasn’t been a sudden dramatic shift; it’s been a gradual learning and growing as I heal.

I’m not trying to persuade you to go down a path that God has not laid before you, nor discourage you from walking down the one that God has set you on. My path is mine, and yours is yours, and if we are all following the straight and narrow path that God has placed us on, learning how to come into a Divine Union with the Father, as Jesus taught and exemplified, then we’ll all come together in Unity of Spirit.

Thank you for the time you have spent reading my blog posts, and thank you to those of you who have taken the time to give words of encouragement and wisdom and warning, and for sharing of yourself. I pray that as you grow and learn and walk with God, you too will recognize all the ways that His eternal Grace is overflowing towards you.

Loren Grace