Trusting Ex-Programmers

Something’s been bothering me, and I just want to write a quick note of warning to other survivors, particularly those who, like myself, have survived mind-control programming.

I’ve recently been informed that a particular self-proclaimed mind-control programmer who supposedly repented and went underground, has now resurfaced and is claiming to want to help other survivors now.

And, no, I’m not going to “name names.” At this point, it would be counterproductive. But coming across this information (that this programmer/ex-programmer has resurfaced and is now actively trying to reach survivors) has left me feeling very, very uneasy.

And I don’t trust it.

There are many reasons why I don’t trust this “resurfacing,” and many reasons why I don’t trust this “ex-programmer,” and maybe when my mind isn’t feeling so fluttery and fly-away, I’ll be able to write more about it.

(but prolly not, because after I finish writing this, I just want to ignore the whole situation and pretend it doesn’t exist)

But suffice to say, there are too many questions and not enough plausible answers.

Maybe this person really is an EX-programmer.

Maybe not.

Maybe this person really is trying to help people now.

But maybe not.

Here’s the bottom line: I know what it’s like to be desperate for help, to be desperate for solutions, to be desperate for answers. What it’s like to be desperately afraid that there is no one to trust, but being just as desperate to find that someone to trust.

But here’s the flip side of that: because of the very nature of abuse, survivors have the tendency to seek out abusive situations in spite of themselves, and to seek out people who are either very much like their past abusers or who are those abusers they are trying to get away from.

And when mind-control programming is added into the equation, this tendency is multiplied many times over.

It’s the trap I fell for, and I just want to warn you to not fall into this trap, too.

Here are some questions to ponder:

1. Do you know that programmed people have been programmed to seek out certain people and certain situations that are counter-productive to their emotional, mental, and spiritual healing?

2. And do you realize that this is serving to keep those survivors corralled into a particular area where they can continue to be used and controlled and manipulated not only by certain people who the demonic are using, but, more importantly, by the demonic themselves?

3. And do you understand that even though many of those survivors are being fed emotions and thoughts that make them “feel good” at the moment, and that may “sound good” on the surface, it is only to keep them happy and staying in one place — in that very place that is keeping them under the control of the demonic?

It’s an awful, desperate situation: in trying to get away from people who are hurting them, survivors are often attracted to and drawn towards the very people who are hurtful! And for those who are programmed, the dangers are even more insidious.

So, as a survivor, until a certain amount of healing is accomplished in your heart and mind, this abusive cycle will continue.

So be careful who you trust.

Just because someone claims to be an EX-programmer, doesn’t mean that they are.


Detailed information about mind-control programming and how it works may or may not be helpful to some people. However, I’ve watched many people get caught up in researching and seeking and probing into the Satanic underground, looking for answers, looking for the truth

(why do you think you can find the truth where lies are crafted?)

and then get sucked into that proverbial rabbit-hole, unable to pull themselves back to what really matters in life.

(hint: what really matters is a relationship with the Heavenly Father)

They seek after the lies to find the truth.

(you will never come to know the truth by studying the lie, and until you learn to recognize the truth, you will never recognize the lie)

Eventually, the rabbit hole becomes their reality, as they are drawn after deeper and greater sensationalism. Deeper and greater mysteries. Deeper and greater revelations.

And in spite of a couple of brief references in the book Carolyn and I wrote, out of all the information out there about mind-control programming, I have been able to read very, very little of it. For the most part, I just find it triggering and counter-productive to the healing process. Yes, there have been a couple of things I managed to skim over that have served as “confirmation” for me. In other words, through reading I realized, “Gee, I didn’t make that up! That actually did happen to me.”

But for the most part, such information is very triggering, creating a chaotic environment on the inside of me (my system), and weighing me down with feelings of despair and desperation and confusion.


Because reading and hearing about the problems and how big they are and how complicated it all is — how complicated and detailed and insurmountable all the programming is — is distressing.

And guess what? It’s also NOT THE TRUTH.

Yes, the problem is big.

God is bigger.

Yes, programming is complicated.

God isn’t confused by it.

Yes, programming is tricky.

God isn’t tricked by it.

Yes, the problems that the programming creates are insurmountable for me.

God isn’t overwhelmed and defeated by it.

So in spite of all the information out there that details mind-control programming, how it works, and how to supposedly “deprogram” people

(would you really trust info from other people about deprogramming? or trust anyone to deprogram you? especially a self-proclaimed programmer? so they claim to be an EX-programmer . . . how do you know that to be true?)

the most helpful thing for survivors is pointing them to The Solution, which is the Heavenly Father and the basics of Scripture. This is the answer that brings true healing and deliverance, even from mind-control programming!

Any “help” from any so-called “ex-programmers”

(or “christian counselors,” or “life-coaches,” or anyone else)

that doesn’t have this foundation, is suspect, in my opinion.

And yes, I am using my past experiences with programmers in forming this opinion. Yes, I am allowing my past experiences with liars who call themselves “deliverance counselors and life-coaches” to color my perception. Yes, I am taking into consideration my past experiences with liars who claim to be “deprogramming” people, but are actually PROGRAMMING them.

Wouldn’t you do the same?

It would be foolish to not.

So — should you trust someone who claims to be an ex-programmer?

I wouldn’t.

But you should do what you think is best for you.

Just be careful.

That’s all I want to tell you.

be careful

Loren ❤

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  1. Honestly, great advice even for people who haven’t been programmed.
    It’s my opinion that the entire globe is being “programmed” to a certain extent right now through all forms of media and even our so-called “churches” are full of anti-Christs.
    These anti-Christs are trying to beat us down with bad news everywhere, trying to make us feel depressed and upset and ultimately hopeless so that we do nothing to fight against them.
    Perfect advice to always keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and the Father…always, always, always.
    God bless and keep you, Caroline and your families in the center of His will.

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    • Anti-christs aren’t usually cloaked in negative and darkness, beating people down with negativity. Instead, they are robed in light and come with great tidings that make people feel good, news that sounds good, and proclamations that lift people up and cause them to feel positive. That’s why people are deceived by them. Eventually, yes, the message that is received and accepted will cause great harm to people. But it’s not that way at first.

      Thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment. ❤

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  2. This was an important post. I can see Our Saviour Jesus Christ’s hand in it with these 2 questions…..
    Why do you think you can find truth where lies are crafted?
    You will never come to know the truth by studying the lie, until you learn to recognize the truth, you will never recognize the lie!….

    That is Him….

    Thank you for sharing.


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