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“Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft” by Loren Grace and Carolyn Hamlett

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Shining Ones. Spirit Man Theology. Seat of Dominion. Gateways. Spirit Travel and Seeing in the Spirit. Dream Insertion. Courtrooms of Heaven.

What do all these charismatic teachings, and much more, have in common? And what do they have to do with mind control programming and quantum spirituality?

In this book, Loren Grace and Carolyn Hamlett identify occult goals and motivations, detail common charismatic teachings and practices, and list common words or phrases used by charismatic occultists, illustrating how occult doctrines and techniques are being used by Satan and his Hierarchy to train people to come into agreement with and enter into a false “unity,” also known as “Christ Consciousness,” thinning the veil between the spirit world and the physical world, thereby paving the way for the false Christ to appear.

Written based on their past experiences in working alongside Satan’s Spiritual Hierarchy, their past experiences within the charismatic movement, as well as their past experiences with what is commonly referred to as “deliverance counseling,” they write with the intent to bring awareness to Christians so those Christians can identify “Christian witchcraft” in their own lives and in others, and to warn those self-identified Christians who are involved in such witchcraft, even innocently, in the hopes they will repent and turn back to the Heavenly Father.

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There are three ways to read this book: via PDF download, directly on our website, or by purchasing in paperback.

1. Link to view and download the PDF book: PDF Version — Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft

2. Link to read the book on this blog: Online Version — Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft

3. Link to purchase the paperback version for $19.95 through Lulu.com: Paperback Version — Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft

How This Book Came About

In August 2017, we (Carolyn Hamlett and myself) started working on what eventually became titled, “Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft.” Initially, we started writing with the intent to explain to a specific and relatively small group of interested people why we had left and dissociated ourselves from a particular organization that claimed to be Christian. However, early into our writing, we realized that the message we had to share was much, much bigger than just one false minister, or one sham of a ministry, or a handful of insiders, or a few hundred fleeced followers. It was an urgent message that reached farther and a message that had much more importance than just us and our unfortunate personal experiences with the people in that organization.

And so, since we wanted (and still want) to reach as many people as possible with our message, and since we were on a time-crunch to get the information out, we chose to make our book available on our joint website, allowing people to freely read our book in a downloadable PDF format, or to read directly on our joint website.

It is still our intention, and will continue to be our intention, to make the PDF format of “Doctrines of Demons” available to read for free, but since we started getting requests from people to have it in published in hard-copy format, Carolyn and I began thinking in that direction, hoping to find another avenue through which to share the message of our book with as many people as possible, particularly those who call themselves Christians.

Now, as anyone knows who publishes or attempts to get their book published, it’s next to impossible to get a book published in the mainstream without at least a literary agent. And procuring an agent takes time — time that Carolyn and I didn’t and don’t want to waste with trying to find an agent who would try to hook us up with a publishing company. . . who’s mission and policies we probably wouldn’t agree with anyway. . . and who would be likely to have the ability to influence the content of our book and subtly change the direction and the message that is so important for us to share in exactly the way we have shared it.

So we tried less-than-conventional methods, trying to get a couple of other smaller Christian publishers to take on our project, but those efforts fell through. So Carolyn and I decided that we’d just publish the book ourselves! For various personal reasons, Carolyn isn’t able to own and operate a business right now, but I am. So, I started Walker House, LLC as a way to get our book published.

Eventually, we chose Lulu, a print-on-demand company, as the company through whom people could purchase hard-copy, paperback editions, if they so desired. But it can still be read for free on our joint website, although donations are always appreciated and are a huge blessing to us, helping us to keep our websites operating. 🙂

To purchase our book in paperback for $19.95 USD through Lulu.com, please click here.

To read our free online or PDF version, please click here: https://carolynandloren.com/resources-ecw/book/.