Snapshots: My Memory Album

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I can’t even begin to explain in a single sentence of why writing about my life is difficult. The “why” is complicated and messy and the reasons overlap in my mind until it’s just a muddled mess. And unless you are one of the few people who understand the sort of life I’ve lived, I might not be able to express the “why this is hard” in adequate enough words to help you understand.

Yet . . . here we are.

Me, writing. And you, reading.

So hello.

Thank you for being here.

What follows are “snapshots” of my life, written in a style that I guess you could call a “journaling” style. I share each part of my life as I feel comfortable sharing, so they probably won’t end up being in chronological order, necessarily.

As I process my memories and write them down, I may come across new information that gives me a more complete perspective; therefore, I may give minor updates to the necessary pages to reflect the new information.

Please Note: I try my best to not be too graphic in describing my past; however, if you are a survivor of abuse or mind-control programming, it may not be best to read the following material unless you are in a stable place, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Only you are best able to judge if you are in a good place, so please be judicious when reading the chapters of my bio and pay attention to how you feel when reading. If you begin to feel triggered for any reason and at any time, please stop reading and tend to your immediate needs.

❤  Loren Grace

P.S. When I originally shared some of my testimony, I used pseudonyms when referring to other people. I will again, where I’m uncomfortable naming names, but at other times, I will now use the real names of some of the people who were involved in my life.

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  1. You have a great way with words. Always awesome to read your writing. Thanks for sharing, and God Bless You for the courage to do so. Bringing much needed light to this world.


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