Currently, there are two ways to contact me personally.

1. Via my brand new public Facebook page. I don’t have private messaging set up, but you can add pertinent comments in any of my posts.

2. Or you can contact me via email, using this contact form:

Please Note: 

I’m not a counselor or mental health professional, so please respect this, and do not try to use me as such. Please read my disclaimers.

I may or may not choose to respond to your email. Whether I choose to or not depends on several factors, some of which include:

  • My energy level.
  • Circumstances in my life.
  • The tone of your email. (In other words, you aren’t likely to get a response if you write me a message that is mean or condescending or otherwise nasty.)

Any emails that threaten the safety of myself or others will be reported to the proper authorities.

Any emails whereby you threaten harm to yourself will be reported to the proper authorities.