Reflections and Response

For the new order to come, first the old must be destroyed.

Yes, this guy’s elitist attitude grates on me oftentimes (an attitude that is apparent to me, and maybe to some of you, too… but probably not to him… or, at least, not for the reasons he thinks), mostly because it reminds me of the uselessness of fighting against that which has been inevitably ordained from birth. Of course, this falls under a “me” problem, not a “him” problem … so I don’t fault him for that. At any rate, in my opinion this still is a good article to read, overall, if you have a chance:

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I know and am aware of what I was trained and programmed to do, from a very young age.

I am equally aware that, since I realized what I was compelled, against my will, to be involved in, I have tried to warn Christians of this darkness-masquerading-as-light that has invaded and taken over the universal and visible church.

I also know that ultimately, my efforts do no good.

Few hear anyway. The stats on my websites make that clear. I’m certainly no threat. But of those who do come across my information, those who ignore the warnings will continue to ignore them; and the few of those who want the truth will seek the truth, and they will find it where it has always been — in God’s written Word.

Whether or not they will hold to that truth is God’s decision.

And those Christians who come across as so self-satisfied … those, like the one linked to above, who know the truth and believe the truth because it is God’s will for them to find and to know and to believe … will continue to heap heavy burdens on people (maybe even people like me, but eventually, time will tell, as it does with all things) who apparently weren’t born with such mercy.

I do wonder, though, if they realize they are taking for granted the human sacrifice whose destruction makes possible the election that they flaunt in the faces of those who aren’t blessed enough to have been given mercy…?

This is heart-breaking beyond what is capable of being borne, but who am I to argue against God’s Will?

So, in the end, we all must do what we must do.

Because … in the end, God’s Will will be done, regardless, and who are any of us to fight against His divine Will?

God has mercy upon whomever He chooses to have mercy upon, and He hardens those whom He wishes to harden.

In the end, it all serves God’s purpose anyway.