God Is Not In The Business Of Programming

This won’t make some of y’all too happy, especially so-called “deliverance ministers” and so-called “deprogrammers” who have built their reputations and their businesses, whether for profit or for free and by whatever face it takes, off the backs of survivors, but if you are a survivor of mind-control agendas and/or ritual abuse, you need to be aware of a very simple concept: GOD IS NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF PROGRAMMING.

He does not RE-program.

He does not DE-program.


And this healing and deliverance is always and forever based upon the principles that are found within His Word.

I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t go to a therapist for some good old-fashioned talk therapy, if that’s helpful to you. Proper education is part of the healing process, as I’ve said many times, and sometimes other people can help educate us on many different things that can be helpful, such as: positive coping skills; defining, setting, and defending boundaries; recognizing toxic behaviors within others; recognizing what abuse is, and how to protect yourself; recognizing negative patterns you are stuck in; and even things like learning about child development can be helpful in many different aspects of your life; etc.

I’m also not suggesting that you forego medication, if that is what you need.

But what I’m saying is if you are looking for a modern-day, so-called “deliverance counselor/minister” who claims to “specialize” in SRA/TBMC/DID, and who walks you though whatever shenanigans under the masquerade of a so-called “spiritual warfare” with the intent to bring a supposed “deliverance” that is supposed to bring you some sort of “healing,” then you are seeking out things that are not of God, but that are actually occult. There are SO MANY aspects of “deliverance ministry” as it is practiced in much of modern, charismatic “Christianity” that are blatantly occultism, and I’ve written about this many times, and have even written a book about it with my friend, Carolyn.

So why would you seek out the occult to be free from the effects of the occult?

It doesn’t make sense, yet, out of ignorance, I fell for that lie, too, and ended up in a very bad place.

And if you are looking for someone to “deprogram” you, or to “reprogram” you, let me remind you that “deprogramming” and “reprogramming” are elements of programming.

So, why would you seek out more programming to be set free from programming?

It doesn’t make sense.

Yet… I fell for that lie, too, and ended up being RE-programmed, and worse off than ever.

PRAISE GOD, He delivered me!

But if you choose, anyway — in spite of the MANY warnings from myself as well as from Carolyn on our joint website — to seek out the services of a “deliverance counselor” who specializes in some type of mind-control programming, will you end up as bad off as me?

I don’t know. Maybe not. In fact, you may end up feeling pretty good.

But that’s not the point.

Feelings are never the point, because what feels good isn’t always what is good.

The point is, God is not in the business of programming.


The Spirit of God does not lead us into things that are not of God and that are against His Word.


So if you are a Christian who is seeking to be programmed as a way to find healing, you are seeking a path that will take you away from God and away from TRUE AND LASTING HEALING.

Mind-control programming, no matter if it takes the form of a so-called “deprogramming” or “reprogramming,” is something I will never promote on this website, or on the website I share with Carolyn, or on our social media pages.

Nor will I allow others to promote mind-control programming on this website, on the website I share with Carolyn, or on our social media pages. (See my comment policy.)

Instead, what I encourage everyone to do is become a disciple of the written Word of God and learn how to study and properly understand its precepts. THAT is where the answer to your problems can be found, even the problems that surround programming.

I know it’s hard to believe. I didn’t believe it either, for a long time.

But have you ever considered that maybe you have been programmed to not believe this?

Have you ever considered that Satan and the demonic would very much like for you to believe that God’s Word isn’t powerful enough to address your complicated problems?

Have you ever considered that perhaps Satan and the demonic want to trick you into following after something that will end up leading you further into bondage, and eventually into delusion (a state of mind and of spirit that can certainly “feel good,” at least for a time…), and the best way for them to do this is to convince you that it is GOD and the Spirit of God who is leading you into those things?

But please understand that the Spirit of God will NOT lead you into things that are against His Word.

The Spirit of God will NOT lead you into a “healing journey” that goes against the principles of His Word.

There are no exceptions, and if you believe there are, you have been fooled by a very common Luciferian philosophy that is usually worded something like, “all paths lead to the top of the mountain,” or “everyone has their own path” (what Christians often overlook or don’t know about is the next part of that thought process, which goes something like: “but it all leads to god in the end”), etc….

There are different ways to word this philosophy, and sometimes it seems like a benign statement, but the only path is GOD’S path, and this is clearly shown to us in His written Word (the Bible).

If you don’t believe this to be true, then you owe it to yourself to stop calling yourself a Christian.

So don’t fall prey to Satan’s tricks. Line up EVERYTHING with the properly exegeted Word of God, and in this way, you will not fall into Satan’s traps, and you will be protected from falling into delusion.

Here are some places where you can go to read what I and Carolyn have already written about this topic. It’s not a complete list, because I talk about deliverance and healing very often throughout most of what I write, but these articles are a good place to start and I HIGHLY recommend you read them:

Programming is complicated, but the solution is simple.

Satan complicates.

God simplifies.

Don’t allow anyone to fool you into thinking otherwise.

Loren Grace

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