There is No Such Thing as “High Level Spiritual Warfare”

Over the past several days on our Carolyn and Loren Facebook page, I’ve been writing a series on spiritual warfare: what it is not, and what it is, according to Scripture.

From my observations and unfortunate personal experiences, this is an issue that many Christians don’t properly understand. They have been indoctrinated — perhaps some from a very young age — and have been so saturated with false teachings about spiritual warfare, that it has become who they are: their attitude, their way of thinking, and the language they use. Anything that is different than what they have been taught, feels wrong and unnatural — perhaps even sinful or displeasing to God — and I can certainly relate to that feeling.

The first thing that I notice with people who have been indoctrinated with false teachings on spiritual warfare is the language they use, of course, because I don’t know their heart and I don’t know what they are thinking. But, as it is with all of us, their strongly-held beliefs are exposed by how they communicate, and what they say (or write) is very telling, because there are very specific words and grouping of words surrounding a false spiritual warfare that people use who have not been delivered from this way of thinking.

Some language is pretty obvious, but some is more subtle, and so sometimes it can be more difficult to explain to someone why they are so obviously off in their doctrine surrounding spiritual warfare.

So I started writing a series of Facebook posts to hopefully help explain to those who are still caught up in a warfare mindset without recognizing it. To gain a heart understanding of what Carolyn and I have been trying to warn them of when it comes to a false spiritual warfare.

There are many who STILL will not get it, I know, and that is frustrating to me, but I decided early on that it is not my job to convince people of the truth. It’s merely my job to share the truth. What they choose to do with the truth is up to them, and the sad facts are that many of them reject the truth offhand, without even investigating to see whether it is truth or not.

And so that is what I hope you do with this article: just investigate in the Word of God, and find out what God’s Word TRULY says.

The “spiritual warfare” that charismatic-minded Christians engage in, and that Carolyn and I have tried to warn people away from, has particular markers:

First, it is flesh based. It’s carnal, using all sorts of objects — and sometimes animals — that are are of the physical, instead of the spiritual concepts spoken of in Scripture. They are operating under the misconception that because they are often using visualization of physical objects to enter into a spiritual battle, and not actually and physically touching the object that they are declaring with their mouth (although sometimes they do), that it somehow transforms what is physical, or what would be physical, into something that is spiritual. But whether or not they are literally taking a sword (for instance), or are simply visualizing a sword and “declaring it” with their mouth, matters not! They are trying to use what is physical in order to enter into battle with the enemy, and Scripture does not teach this.

Second, their “spiritual warfare” is full of warrior-like language, and often uses imagery that has elements of both romanticism and violence. Although romantic imagery is more typical for women, and violent imagery is more typical for men, sometimes the two are combined, in a sort of “Femme Fatale” or “Marvel-Comics-Superhero” manner.

Third, it is rooted in the gross misunderstanding of Scripture, including a misunderstanding of what “binding and loosing” and “remitting” is, according to a proper understanding of God’s Word.

Fourth, it is supported by the purposeful perversion and misapplication of Scripture, and an unbiblical declaring for themselves the Scriptures that they have twisted for their own purposes.

Fifth, it is largely focused on the demonic and on attempting to bring them harm in various ways.

Sixth, it is done by presuming to order and command what are believed to be “angels.”

Seventh, it is often severely lacking in suggestions to pray to the Father, to be in submission to Him, and to be in submission to His Will. Instead, they “pray” as a way to try to order God and angels around, and the way they engage in “rebuking, binding, and casting out demons” shows that they are operating as if “spiritual authority” is something God gave to them that follows them and yields to them, instead of them being the one to follow and yield to God’s unchanging authority. In other words, instead of authority belonging to Jesus Christ through the Father, and instead of submitting themselves underneath that authority, they act as if this authority has been passed on to them in such a way that it’s like a blanket (or a “mantle,” as they often call it, because that sounds much more Biblical) that follows them wherever they go, authorizing and giving them permission to do and say whatever they want to do and say, no matter what it is, and no matter how far away from God they travel.

So, starting with what is perhaps seen as “normal” spiritual warfare (“normal” within certain groups, at any rate), and working my way to what some people consider to be the “high level” stuff, here is what I mean by false spiritual warfare.

And please remember that many of the following things I mention are from my personal past experiences in having been involved in such unbiblical nonsense!

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include “declaring the promises of Scripture for ourselves.”

Now, I don’t want to get sidetracked from the overall point of this article in order to get in-depth with this singular point, but some people get might get prickly about me stating that spiritual warfare does not include “declaring the promises of Scripture for ourselves”, so I want to quickly make a point here.

Question: Are the promises in Scripture for us, as Christians?

Answer: It depends upon how “promises” are being defined.

Declarations and Affirmations… or Spellcasting?

For instance, “making declarations” or “making affirmations” is a common activity that is just a version of an ungodly “name-it-claim-it” false gospel, or a type of “mind-over-matter” occultism.

Now, please don’t get me wrong: making “affirmations” or “declarations” isn’t necessarily wrong in and of itself.

I don’t think it is, anyway, when done in a Godly manner.

For instance, there’s nothing wrong with being encouraged when you are down, unless you’ve done something wrong and SHOULD feel down about it, which should then bring you to repentance (see 1 Corinthians 7:10).

Or, and there’s nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself, unless you’ve done something wrong and SHOULD feel bad about it…

Which speaks to my greater point: we should question WHY people are doing affirmations and declarations, WHO is doing the declaring and affirming, and WHAT is being declared and affirmed, because not every affirmation or declaration is based upon the properly exegeted Word of God. In fact, many of them today are based upon Satan’s lies… or they may be truths found in God’s Word, but they are being taken way out of context, and misapplied to individuals to whom it does not apply and to situations where it does not apply, and so in this case, Scriptural “affirmations or declarations” ends up being used as a spell rather than as God’s saving truth.

Many people caught up in this “declaring” mindset make the activity of “declaring” to be part of their spiritual warfare, and so when things aren’t going their way (for example: loss of a job, can’t find a desirable spouse — or the one they want is already spoken for– having difficulty getting pregnant, they lose all their possessions in a fire, the bill collectors are calling, their food pantry is running low, someone in their family is on their death bed, etc.), they go on a campaign to “declare” that they are above and not beneath, the head and not the tail… to “declare” that by His stripes we are healed… to “declare” hard-pressed but not crushed… to “declare” by faith to conceive a child… to “declare” to be abounding in every good work… to “declare” good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over… to “declare” the inheritance of Jesus Christ… on and on, “declaring” this promise and that promise (the ones that sound good, anyway), in an effort to “keep the enemy away”, rather than in falling under submission to God’s will and resting in His peace.

I know some will take all that the wrong way and get very offended or hurt… but I’m not trying to make light of the difficulties that we all face in this life. Nor am I trying to take away or diminish the power of the encouragement that is offered to us in Scripture.

But what is severely lacking in many Christian circles nowadays is actual real faith: faith in God that no matter what comes our way — no matter the trials in life — He is still on the throne, He is still faithful, His Word is still true, His Spirit is still with us, the peace of knowing that He will finish the good work that He began in us….

Instead, there is a desperation to have things “go our way,” and from my observation (and unfortunate personal experiences), this comes from an unbiblical mindset that we, as Christians, should have no suffering in this life, and if we do, then we aren’t “Christian-ing” the right way.

I hope this makes it clear how I feel about “declaration” and “affirmations”: if they aren’t based upon the properly exegeted Word of God, then they are worthless.

How Are Promises Being Defined?

So are the promisese of God for us?

It depends upon how “promises” are being defined.

Many charismatic-minded Christians define “promises” as infinite wealth. Or, if they’re in a bind, any amount of money or token of wealth will do — such as a brand new car, or a fancy house — as long as they look as if they are prospering and wallowing in the so-called “promises of God” according to how they are defining them. So, not content with what they have been given (see Philippians 4:11-12, 2 Corinthians 9:8, 1 Timothy 6:6-10, Hebrews 13:5, etc.), or not content to work to the best of their ability (and this ability varies from person to person) for their physical needs (see Proverbs 21:25, Acts 18:3, 1 Corinthians 4:12, 1 Corinthians 9:14, Ephesians 4:28, 1 Thessalonians 4:11, 2 Thessalonians 3:6-12, 1 Timothy 5:8, Titus 2:3-5, etc.) they will “declare the Word of God” that speaks to having large amounts of wealth, attempting to “name it until they claim it,” or to “speak it into existence,” in an effort to “affirm” for themselves what they want to believe Scripture is teaching.

For many, this doesn’t really work, of course, except perhaps occasionally, in a “carrot-and-stick” sort-of way, but for some, it does — especially those who have the charisma that draws in lots of followers who are giving them a significant portion of their own income.

Ever notice that?


Or the charismatic-minded Christian defines “promises” as healing from whatever ails them at any given moment, so they will “declare God’s Word” in an attempt to “affirm” for themselves what they want to believe Scripture is teaching in regards to their health. Skipping over, of course, verses that mention persevering through trials and hardships, and God using those things to mold our character (for instance, see Romans 5:1-5).

Some go so far as to define “promises” as having perfect health throughout their entire life. In fact, some imagine themselves never dying, but just “transitioning” from their earthly body into a spiritual body, such as the teachings on “Shining Ones“. This is an occult teaching. But they stubbornly hold to their unbiblical beliefs that they will never die… until the day they die, of course, of whatever disease or illness they finally succumb to. And then their followers keep holding the torch, certain that their leader had just “transitioned”… not died, like everyone else.

And please don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that we shouldn’t ask God to heal us of whatever illness or disease or sickness we have; nor am I saying that God will never heal us; nor am I suggesting that it is more Godly to desire to be sickly rather than to be in good health. But I’m saying that, contrary to what many have been taught within charismatic “church” settings, we are not promised perfect health in this lifetime, and if Christ tarries, you will eventually die of something or the other, whether illness or disease or disaster or accident, as will we all. This earthly life is fleeting, and as the saying goes “this earth is not our home, but we’re just passing through.” Remembering this will help keep our perspective in the right place, to enjoy what we have been given, to not covet that which we do not have, and to look forward to living forever throughout eternity with God, in His Kingdom. (See also 2 Corinthians 5:1-10.)

Some people define “promises” as having positions of power or authority (real or imagined) in whatever social circles they run around in. Whether this “power and authority” comes from having thousands of YouTube followers or Facebook friends, or whether this “power and authority” comes from having a position on the council at their local church, or whether this “power and authority” comes from having an important job with local, state, or national government, etc…, it doesn’t matter, as long they feel (and other people recognize) that they having a position of power and authority.

No, it’s not wrong to have a job or a position that has a degree of power to whatever extent. That’s not what I’m saying. But trying to “declare and affirm” your way to such, using Scripture as your “magical formula”, is not of God. It is occult.

Some of them also define “promises” as obtaining a desired spouse. Or as having a severed relationship restored. Or as being given supernatural gifts or abilities. Or any number of things they desire that they don’t currently have, foolishly “declaring” that “every promise in the book is for them.”

And again: it’s not wrong to have a spouse you desire (you should have desire for your spouse, but not for someone else’s spouse…); it’s not wrong to have relationships restored, assuming it’s one that should be restored; and we all have gifts and abilities, so as long as your gift is of God, and not of Satan (for examples of ungodly gifts and abilities, read the book I authored with Carolyn), there’s nothing wrong with this.

But it is the coveting of that which you do not have, and the using of Scripture as a spell to gain those things that you desire, yet do not have (to “declare them” until what you want manifests… assuming it does manifest, of course): that is against God.

So, What About the Promises..?

First, a common-sense reading of Scripture shows that there are MANY promises made in the Word of God, and MANY of them are not applicable to ourselves, nor even desirable to “claim” for ourselves, if such a thing were possible.

Second, the promises of Scripture that apply to us (as Christians) are conditional.

For example, take Galatians 3 (and if you read this passage with understanding, then perhaps you will understand why I say that “declaring the promises of Scripture for ourselves” is not spiritual warfare).

Here’s what the first part of that chapter says, and please take especial notice of verse 14, because it’s the conclusion that wraps up the points made in the verses that come before:

Galatians 3:1- 14

O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified. I would like to learn just one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by works of the law, or by hearing with faith?

Are you so foolish? After starting in the Spirit, are you now finishing in the flesh? Have you suffered so much for nothing, if it really was for nothing? Does God lavish His Spirit on you and work miracles among you because you practice the law, or because you hear and believe?

So also, “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.” Understand, then, that those who have faith are sons of Abraham. The Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and foretold the gospel to Abraham: “All nations will be blessed through you.” So those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith.

All who rely on works of the law are under a curse. For it is written: “Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law.” Now it is clear that no one is justified before God by the law, because, “The righteous will live by faith.” The law, however, is not based on faith; on the contrary, “The man who does these things will live by them.”

Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us. For it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree.” He redeemed us in order that the blessing promised to Abraham would come to the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, so that by faith we might receive the promise of the Spirit.

Not money.

Not perfect health.

Not the perfect job.

Not the perfect spouse.

Not a fancy car.

Not a restored relationship.

Not gifts or abilities.

The blessing we are promised that Scripture speaks of in Galatians 3 is grace from the Father through JESUS CHRIST, the SALVATION He purchased for us, and the HOLY SPIRIT of God…. and this promise is applicable only to those of us who have been redeemed through Jesus Christ.

You don’t have to “claim it” or “declare it.” If you have been redeemed by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, you already have it!

We are also promised eternal life… a promise that is for EVERYONE… but only if we believe upon Jesus Christ. (Matthew 10:32, John 3:16, John 3:36, John 6:40, Romans 4:24, Romans 10:9, 1 Peter 1:21, etc)

As Christians, we are also promised forgiveness of sin… if we confess our sin and repent. (1 John 1:9, James 5:16, Acts 3:19, 2 Corinthians 7:10, etc.)


But God’s promises are not a weapon in our arsenal to use for our worldly version of “spiritual warfare,” nor are they for us to use as a spell, chanting and proclaiming and declaring, until we finally get what we think we so desperately need.

Do you see the difference?

So, moving on…

Spiritual warfare according to Scripture does NOT include going on prayer walks around our city, chanting Scripture and “claiming it” for God … or “laying prayer stakes” along the city limits, either figuratively or literally.

And, no, the example of “Joshua and the walls of Jericho” is NOT a spiritual formula to follow in order to “take back” the city for God. That is a good example of MISAPPLYING Scripture for your own personal use, and to support your own personal theology that is rooted in Dominionism.

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include walking around our property, chanting Scripture as a way to “protect” our property from demons… or “laying prayer stakes” along our property line, either figuratively or literally… or painting the doorposts and window sashes of our house with olive oil to protect from the enemy… or sprinkling our property with water that we’ve “blessed” to protect from demons… or praying that spiritual salt would be poured around our property to keep out the demons… or praying for the “fire of God” or the “wind of God” to surround us and keep the enemy away, etc. etc. etc., ad nauseum…

In fact, a Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include using visualization techniques and occult practices to supposedly “engage” in any type of “warfare,” and it is against the explicit teachings of the Word of God to engage in a so-called “spiritual warfare” that is dependent upon those things of the flesh, no matter if they are swords and shields, or oil, salt, fire, water, or music.

Certain sects of mystic-minded Christians do just these types of things, the olive oil thing probably being one of the most common within certain sects. But they are taking events from the Old Testament and misapplying them to their own life and to their own situation — such as the Scriptures that tell us how God commanded the children of Israel to paint the doorframes with the blood of the lamb for the very first Passover, so the mystic-minded Christian paints their doorframes with olive oil in order to keep the enemy away — not realizing that such events in the Old Testament were full of symbolic meaning that was literally fulfilled through Jesus Christ!

So why are some Christians going backwards, sliding from grace and back into the law?

You don’t need to paint your doorframe with olive oil to symbolize the blood of the lamb that will protect you from the enemy. Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God!

And anyway, it’s not part of “spiritual warfare” according to what Scripture teaches; and although most of you who practice this type of occultism will ignore my warnings and will continue to do what you are so convinced in your heart is of God, using physical objects, either literally or through whatever visualization technique you want to utilize, as a way to “engage in warfare” is occult. And when the “white magic” of your potion wears off, as some spells are prone to do (or if you move to a different residence), then you’re going to need to go through the whole process all over again, with the special chanted prayers, and the walking of the property, and the blessing of the oil and water, and the painting of oil and water, and the pouring of the oil and water, and the praying for (or the pouring and sprinkling of) the salt, and the praying for the hedge or the fire or the wind or the water… or whatever other occult ritual you believe is going to be powerful enough to keep demons from bothering you at your residence.

Do you trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ?

Or do you trust in your special olive oil?

Do you trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ?

Or do you trust in your “special” prayers?

Do you trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ?

Or do you trust in your rituals?

Do you trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ or do you not?

And if you weren’t already turned off by what I’ve been saying thus far, I’ll probably lose a lot more of you here, and for that, I’m sorry… but using music as a type of “spiritual warfare” is not Biblical either. And I love music! And I don’t think it’s necessarily unscriptural to have music in church — although I realize that some sects of Christians believe it is, and I won’t argue with them because I don’t find it to be something worth having division over — but it is one thing that keeps me from going to church now: knowing there will be music played.

There are other reasons, of course, but that’s one of them, and maybe one day I’ll try to more fully explain. But not now.

Anyway… I used to be involved in this myself, so I could probably write an article all by itself on this one, but for now I’ll just say that this idea of “spiritual warfare through music” is one tool that Satan uses to infiltrate churches with false doctrines, to foster a “if it feels good it must be good” mentality within Christians… and to encourage the individuals in the congregation to “open themselves up” to the ensuing emotions and/or spiritual experiences that are being provided by the demonic within so-called “church” settings.

I wrote a little about how music is used for this purpose in the article on meditation and yoga.

But whether or not the church you attend plays music during service, please understand that pianos or drums or keyboards or guitars or voice boxes or hands or any other type of instruments that we use to make music or musical sounds are not weapons of our warfare. They are carnal, not spiritual. And the Word of God tells us that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.

Moving on…

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include chanting specific Scriptures, over and over again, for the purposes of gaining something you want or need, without actually understanding what God’s Word means… AND without actually being obedient to God’s Word; NOR does it include chanting special “prayers” over and over again, for the purposes of gaining something you want or need… AND without being obedient to God.

Matthew 6:7 — “And when you pray, do not babble on like pagans, for they think that by their many words they will be heard.”

This Scripture isn’t saying that we shouldn’t pray for the same thing more than once (in other words, if you pray every day for your child’s salvation… or if you submit to the Father every day through prayer). But in this Scripture, Jesus admonished us to not “babble,” meaning: “to blubber nonsensical repetitions; to chatter (be “long-winded”), using empty (vain) words.”

Have you ever known someone who prays long-winded, nonsensical, vain prayers? You probably have, especially if you grew up in a charismatic environment such as I did. You might have even prayed them yourself, as I have before, too, much to my embarrassment and shame. But if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click HERE for a good example of a long-winded, foolish, vain, so-called “prayer.”

Similar to this, have you ever known someone who prays what I refer to as “formula prayers”? If you don’t know, these are prayers that are written by so-called “powerful warriors of God”, and they have these usually lengthy prayers with very specific wording for very specific things, some that are to be prayed at least once a day, sometimes multiple times a day, for various stuff, depending upon your situation. By the time you pray these prayers for several weeks in a row, you pretty much have them down pat, and can rattle them off by memory.

(Ask me how I know… 🙄 So embarrassing.)

Which is exactly what Jesus said to NOT do, likening such prayers to the babbling nonsense of the pagans.

Anyway, when I was going through so-called “deliverance counseling” with Dan Duval (or, “life coaching”, as he called it back then, and maybe he still calls it that now, but I don’t know…), he had a bunch of “powerful prayers” that he prayed, over and over and over again in sessions with me, to the point where his voice started droning on and on with very little inflection, and it sounded meaningless. He might as well have been preparing his taxes at the same time he was rattling off the “prayers.”

And they were meaningless as far as being an “effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man,” although they were very effective in keeping me in bondage and under the influence of the demonic, but I was so brainwashed, I didn’t realize it until I got away from his influence and from the influence of the demonic beings that were using him.

Duval had some of his “prayers” up on his website back then. I don’t know if he has the same ones up now, or if they have now been altered and “upgraded” since I left his so-called “ministry,” but his types of so-called prayers are good examples of “formula prayers”: those often long-winded “prayers” that are worded in a specific way, and are meant to be spoken forcibly, word-for-word, some of them to be chanted over and over again, every day or multiple times a day, until the desired result is achieved (if ever).

I printed out and used to pray Dan Duval’s line of specialized prayers all the time (and, much to my shame, promoted to others) including a power prayer, apostolic prayers, Duval’s own special prayer for “spiritually cleansing” the home (room-by-room, of course, and then a big one for over the whole house), a healing prayer, a special prayer fashioned after Psalm 91, and of course, a financial prayer, because no “prayer arsenal” would be complete without making sure we know the right words to say to make God line our pockets and pad our purses with plenty of money.

Preston Bailey, Duval’s self-professed mentor, had his own prayers, too, and he seemed especially proud of his so-called “scientific prayers,” although after looking in my archived files, I can’t find an example of one to share with you.

You aren’t missing much, though. From what I can remember, it was a bunch of the same nonsense and misapplied Scriptures, plus extra wording that brought in stuff like energy waves, electrical waves, alien implants, etc.

But of Bailey’s prayers that I found filed away, they included his own specific prayer for cleansing of the home that was to be prayed in each room, and then an overall prayer to pray for the house. Some of the words in the prayer mentioned typical charismatic wording, like praying for walls of fire and walls of faith; praying for hedges of protection; and praying for electrical wire and plumbing (that “scientific” stuff) to be under the protection of Jesus. All that was missing was instructions to the reader to wave around a smoldering bundle of sage.

He also had a “prayer” that was supposed to make demons manifest, that included instructions to so-called “angels” to hold the person in the chair they were sitting in so that they couldn’t move until the ordeal was over. Supposedly this whole thing was for “spiritual warfare” so that he could then “cast out” the demons.

Then he had a “prayer of victory” and a “prayer of protection” (which came in handy after praying his prayer to make demons manifest, I’m sure) that were basically a bunch of Scripture all strung together. Praying Scripture sounds nice and Biblical, of course, especially if you don’t really care about the context of the verses and what they actually mean. And if you ignore the fact that the “prayers” are being given to you by Preston Bailey, who is a hypnotist and an occultist, and who is involved in mind-control programming.

He usually calls it “deprogramming” or “reprogramming,” though….


I’m not trying to overly pick on Duval and Bailey, though. It’s just that I had the most experiences with them. If I would have had more experiences with William Branham cults… or with Todd Bentley’s group… or with Arthur Burk’s occult nonsense … or with whoever else… then I would write about them more often than the others. But I do realize that Duval and Bailey aren’t the only so-called “Christians” who are making a name for themselves based on their occult practices. I’ve come across many so-called “prayers” from many different people, and I’m sure you have too. If you haven’t, you can do an internet search and come up with pages and pages of “prayers” that people write out and share with others, that are supposed to be “powerful” and “protective” or “highly effective” in getting whatever it is that you want.

And if you take a little bit of time to compare the different “prayers,” you’ll find that some of the “prayers” from so-called Christians aren’t all that different from the spells and “prayers” of other types of occultists, by whatever name they go by.

Anyway, back to what I was talking about before.

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include picking through Scripture to misapply and misuse such Scripture for your own benefit, causing the Word of God to be used as a witch might use a spell-book.

This is similar to what I’ve already talked about concerning “declaring the promises,” and is related to the vain, babbling prayers talked about above that Jesus told us to NOT pray.

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include declaring Scripture to this spirit or to that spirit… or to this angel or to that angel.

What do you hope to accomplish by quoting or reciting or declaring Scripture to the demonic… or by “reminding Satan” of Scripture?

Yet… some “Christians” believe this is what they should do as part of their “high level spiritual warfare” — and they have been fooled by the demonic into thinking it is effective (more on my experiences with this in a moment).

But this is not spiritual warfare.

This is foolishness!

Please read and understand Scripture, such as 2 Timothy 3:14-17:

But as for you, continue in the things you have learned and firmly believed, since you know from whom you have learned them. From infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for instruction, for conviction, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, fully equipped for every good work.

Can Satan be instructed in the wisdom of Scripture?

Can Satan be convicted through Scripture?

Can Satan be corrected by Scripture?

Can Satan be trained in righteousness?

Is Satan a man — much less a man of God — that he can be made complete and fully equipped for every good work through Scripture (or through anything else, for that matter…)?

Obviously the singular answer is “no.”

And if the same were asked of the angelic, the singular answer would also be “no.” (Read Point Six in the article on “Time Travel and the Crucifixion” for more Scriptural explanation on this point.)

So why waste your time quoting Scripture to demons or to angels?

Instead, study and learn Scripture FOR YOURSELF.

Continuing on…

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include declaring that the demonic spirits that are in authority of our city or our nation are to be bound and that the ministering “angels of God” are to be loosed.

More on “binding and loosing” in a moment, but again, taking Scripture reference and misapplying it for your own personal use, and to support your own personal theology that you insists upon clinging to, is not of God. Instead, it is akin to using the Word of God as a spell book. If that’s what you’re going to do, you might as well study witchcraft and go full-on into that.

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include “taking back what the enemy has stolen.

I’m not trying to get off track again, but I want to try to make a few points here.

For those of you who don’t know what “taking back” is, it’s a charismatic teaching that most commonly describes a process whereby the individual “rebukes” Satan in a specific fashion. Sometimes it’s called something different, like “putting Satan under my feet” or “declaring the word of the Lord” to Satan.

Sometimes the charismatic goes through this process by calling out particular demons by name, as well, something that often keeps them busy studying up on demons so they can know all of their names, which apparently is supposed to be “more effective” warfare than what Scripture teaches… but more on that in a moment.

But this “taking back” involves the charismatic-minded individual going through a long prayer or a series of particular prayers, often over a lengthy period of time, whereby they thoroughly scold and chide Satan with many words, and declare that they are “taking back” what they believe Satan stole from them, such as wealth… or health… or a relationship… or a job… or even a car that they totaled in a wreck (for example).

They can also use this “taking back” in trying to secure someone else’s salvation. So, for instance, they will pray fervently for the salvation of someone by “declaring” to Satan: “You can’t have them!”, or something similar, in effect attempting to “take back” the soul of someone from the clutches of Satan. Praying for others is Biblical, of course — even praying for the Spirit of God to bring someone to salvation is Biblical — but trying to secure someone’s salvation for them is not of God. And it’s certainly not Biblical to try to secure that salvation by “taking back” from Satan! Where is Scripture for this?!

In another context, they believe that “taking back what the enemy has stolen” can apply to other things, too, that are immaterial. For instance, they will declare that Satan has no more power over them to steal their joy… or their time… or their mental health, etc… so they will “take it back” from the enemy.

Sometimes, when used in the context of something they believe Satan corrupted that caused them to lose something of value to them — such as a relationship that was severed, or a childhood that was destroyed through abuse — “taking back” can be referred to as “redeeming the time,” whereby they believe things will be restored to the way they think things should have been in the first place had the bad thing not happened.

But this is not spiritual warfare according to what the Word of God teaches.

What is in the Word of God are things like:


According to God’s Word, “redemption” means: “release effected by payment of ransom; redemption, deliverance (see Strong’s Greek 629).”

HELPS Word Studies further explains that redemption means: “buying back from, re-purchasing (winning back) what was previously forfeited (lost).”

This is referring to “God’s effective work of grace, purchasing them from the debt of sin and bringing them to their new status (being in Christ).”

Jesus Christ already purchased our redemption — salvation from the debt of sin — through His sacrifice on the cross.

Is the work of Jesus Christ not good enough? Is the grace of God not enough? Why do some think they need to rail at the enemy to “take back” what Jesus Christ already purchased?

All Things Working Together For the Good

What is also in the Word of God is the principle spoken of in Romans 8:28 — “And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.”

This is, in essence, what charismatics are talking about when they talk about “redeeming the time,” but they are coming at it from the wrong perspective, and linking it in with a false “spiritual warfare” and with all sorts of unbiblical activities that are occult.

I wrote a little about “all things working together” in another blog article, so I won’t go over it here, but I’ll just leave a link in case you want to read what I’ve already written: “Is God Both Sovereign and Good.”

Repentance and Submission to God

What is also in the Word of God are warnings against false doctrines and against occultism. So if you are having a problem with the enemy “taking your things” — assuming the cause is supernatural and not natural, of course — the first place I suggest you look is at the state of your own heart: are you opening the door to the enemy through your focus on those things that are not of God?

Then repent and submit yourself to the Father and to His will.

Will you get the job back that you had lost? Or the spouse that left you? Or the car that was stolen?

I don’t know.

Maybe, maybe not.

But that’s not the point!

The point is to repent and submit to the will of the Heavenly Father, regardless of what happens.

Annnnd…. we’re moving along now.

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include praying over objects to be saturated with spiritual power so that whoever touches the object will be set free… or saved… or filled with the “spirit”… etc.

They generally try to excuse this type of occultism by taking verses such as Acts 19:11-12, misapplying such Scripture to themselves, and building a doctrine out of it — “God did extraordinary miracles through the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and the diseases and evil spirits left them.”

First, it was an extraordinary (EXTRA ordinary, meaning “NOT COMMON”) miracle that was done BY GOD. Not by Paul.

Second, no where does anyone in Scripture build a doctrine out of this.

Third, not even Paul tried to build a doctrine out of this, and later, when he spoke of Timothy, who had frequent sickness (1 Timothy 5:23), or when Epaphroditus was ill (Philippians 2:27), he didn’t send one of his snot rags or used shop aprons in order to heal them.

Bottom line, this was an EXTRA-ordinary event that happened and was described in the Word of God. It’s a description of what did happen, not a prescription for what should always happen, and it’s not something that should be expected, nor should a doctrine be made of it, NOR does Scripture show us that it should be part of our “spiritual warfare.”

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include releasing, commanding, or dispatching angels to fight demons, or dispatching angels to protect someone, or to heal someone, or to do whatever else…

Scripture does NOT tell us that we have the authority to command angels. That’s not in keeping with what Scripture teaches. All throughout, Scripture illustrates that GOD commands the angels. There is never an indication that we have been given this authority.

To read some of what Carolyn and I have already written about concerning this, click here: “Angels.”

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include reciting Ephesians 6:11-17 and visualizing ourselves or our spirit person to be dressing himself or herself in bright and shiny armor.

Not only is visualization an occult technique, but the point of the descriptive language used in Ephesians 6 is NOT to teach us to put on — either literally or through visualization techniques — boots and helmets and armored boots.

But the language given is to emphasize the importance of the REAL weapons of our warfare, which are: truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, salvation, the Word of God.

See also: “Spiritual Warfare According to Scripture

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include asking God to heal the memories we believe are being held in our organs.

This isn’t “high level spiritual warfare.”

This is high level weirdness.

Besides that, it’s not Biblical.

At. All.

It’s related to spiritualism and mysticism, which is occultism.

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include commanding light or fire or wind or water or salt to surround an individual… nor is it visualizing a cloak of light or fire being placed around our own shoulders.

This is blatant occultism (by whatever name the practitioner thereof wishes to call it), and regardless of what an increasing number of people (including so-called “Christian” mystics) are trying to get you to believe, you can’t practice the occult and be a child of God at the same time. So pick the direction you want to go — Satan or God — and then DO IT with your whole heart.

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include surrounding people or geographical locations with our spiritual “realm.”

This is one way Satan is expanding his kingdom on earth, and Carolyn and I have written about this already: “Shining Ones.”

There’s a lot more we could write or talk about concerning realms, and we’ll probably mention some things here and there in the future, but what we’ve already shared in the above link is good enough to give you an understanding about how Satan is increasing his realm — expanding his kingdom — on earth through the charismatic movement (although what we’ve written about isn’t the only way, of course).

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include astral traveling to people and involving yourself in dream insertion in order to “teach someone what Scripture really means”… or in order to “counsel” them in their sleeping hours… or in order to “pray” for them or “watch over them” while they are sleeping… or anything else….

This is occultism.

I’ve written about these things in various articles, but here are two places in our book: “Spirit Travel and Seeing in the Spirit” and “Dream Insertion

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include commanding what we believe to be our “personal angel” to turn on a spiritual water hose and douse the enemy with living water… or to turn on an imagined blow torch and consume the enemy with fire.

This is occultism.

And it’s silly.

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include learning the names of all the demons in order to “cast them out.”

First, this is not Scriptural. There are plenty of instances where the demons were mentioned as having been present, but were not named.

To begin with, read the gospels. There are many instances given throughout the gospels where evil spirits were not named, but Jesus cast them out anyway. And I’m positive that, being the Son of God, He knew their names, but it obviously wasn’t important enough to be mentioned. You can also take a look at Acts 8 or Acts 19.

Second, this is an activity that is usually in conjunction with a lot of study on demonology, which will lead you horribly astray. What you should be studying is the Word of God. Not demons.

Now, I’m not saying that if you do happen to know the name of demons, for whatever reason, that it’s necessarily a bad thing. I’m saying that studying to find out the names is not a good thing. As a Christian, you should be studying God’s Word. Not the names of demons.

Third, it’s ridiculous. There are a lot of demons, many of them have more than one name, and they are liars. What makes you think they’re telling the truth about their names? Because you command them to tell you “in Jesus’ name”?

The very fact that that the charismatic-minded individual is conversing with them and entertaining them (and they are very literally entertaining the demonic, in more than one sense of the word) means that they are outside of what Scripture teaches… which means they have no authority to be asking demons or commanding demons… which means that the demons don’t have to answer the individual, and they certainly aren’t compelled to tell the truth if they do respond. In fact, such charismatic “Christians” are fortunate that aren’t torn to shreds by demons.

But more on that in a moment, and WHY they don’t always attack the average so-called “Christian” idiot who goes outside of his own realm of authority to command or rail at demons, and WHY they often come across as compliant and “frightened” by such individuals, and WHY, in fact, it can seem as if they are obeying their commands.

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include practicing (through visualization techniques) stabbing people with your “sword of the spirit“… or to declare that the spirits of the people who have been mean to us are to be held in captivity and tormented by so-called angels… or to be imprisoned in chains or cages or boxes…, etc.

This is occultism.

And the violent and retaliatory nature of such visualizations is also a clear indication that the person engaging in these evil practices are being influenced not by the Spirit of God, as they imagine and claim, but by the demonic, who are warring spirits.

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare does NOT include spirit traveling to hell… or to other star systems… or to the deep… or to wherever… or probing deep within a room in our mind… and snatching back the parts of us that we believe the demonic are keeping in captivity within spiritual prisons.

These activities are rooted in occultism.

Now, I’ve already written about the fear some have (particularly those who are dissociative and/or those who have been filled with fear because of so-called “deliverance” types of ministries) of demons keeping parts of them in captivity within spiritual prisons, and here’s one place you can go to read what I’ve already written: “Dissociation, Fragmentation, and Spiritual Prisons.”

Setting aside the possibility of a mental illness that is contributing to delusional thinking (which certainly is a possibility for some), I personally believe that in some cases, the “spiritual prisons” are simply an aspect of trauma-based mind-control programming, or of other types of mind-control programming/brainwashing, such as what is present within so-called deliverance ministries. So while it is “real,” in the sense that it exists with the mind of the person in such a way that it’s keeping them in bondage to one extent or another, it certainly is not TRUTH that comes from God. It’s a lie and a deception of the enemy.

In some cases, the “spiritual prisons” are simply spaces within the spiritual realm of the demonic that people — or parts of people — can go for periods of time, whether willingly or unwillingly, that some may consider to be “prisons.” One type of what some may call a “prison” is something that I used to be very familiar with, and that is different types of occult training “schools” (so to speak) in the astral. They serve as a type of “prison,” in a sense. But real as it is, in the fact that it does exist in the supernatural, and no matter what name they’re given or what purpose they serve, it’s still not TRUTH that comes from God. It’s a lie and a deception of the enemy.

So the answer is very simple, and it is this: if you are saved (and if you are not, freedom and deliverance BEGINS WITH SALVATION), then the demonic have no power over you, or the parts of you, to hold you captive in any way at all, even in what is or what is imagined to be a spiritual prison, by whatever name or purpose it has.

So simply submit the problem to God, ask for His will to be done, and then don’t worry about it. Keep on walking according to God’s standards; keep on following Jesus Christ; keep on allowing His Spirit to work within your heart; keeping on submitting to God; etc. Deliverance — even deliverance for those parts of you who may be reticent or unwilling to be delivered — comes by the grace of God through faith in Him, and as you line yourself up with His Word, and walk according to the Spirit of God, He will bring you freedom.

And if you find yourself continually being taken away to these “spiritual prisons” against your will, keep being obedient to the principles laid out in His Word: keep submitting to the Father, keep resisting the devil, keep walking by faith in God and in His Word, etc…, and He will set you free.

He’s done it for me, and He will do it for you, too. No “spirit traveling” or other occult nonsense required.

Remember: Satan complicates, but God simplifies.

And please allow me the opportunity to say that a Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare also does not include the following:

  • rebuking demons
  • binding demons
  • rerouting demons
  • caging demons
  • chaining up demons
  • sending demons to hell
  • declaring the Word of the Lord to demons
  • canceling demonic assignments
  • raining fire upon demons
  • salting demons with “the word of god”
  • piercing demons with arrows
  • stabbing demons with “the word of god”
  • “killing,” torturing, or maiming demons by various methods: stabbing, blowing up, scorching with fire, drowning in “living water,” etc

The list could go on and on, ad nauseum, according to how wild the imagination of the “spiritual warrior” is, and in a moment, I’ll add a few more things to this list that may have you scratching your head (or bowing your head to repent of such witchcraft, as I had to do myself several years ago), but I’d like to pause here and mention something.

While it seems Scripture suggests that we can “cast out demons” (although, I’m convinced that much of what modern charismatic “Christianity” does in regards to supposedly “casting out demons” is not Biblical, but more on that in a moment), the rest of the list above is not in Scripture as appropriate forms of “spiritual warfare.”

No, not even “rebuking” or “binding.”


First, according to Scripture, rebuking — specifically in reference to rebuking demons — simply means “to curb [the] ferocity or violence [of].”

But the types of charismatics I’m talking about in this article who engage in regularly “rebuking” demons, don’t simply tell the demons to cut it out, or to stop, or to be quiet. Instead, they often go on long and pointless tirades; rail and scream at demons; curse and damn them to hell (which is sort of an odd thing to do, if I may say); quote Scripture to them (another odd thing…); order them to do or go or say various things; poke fun and jeer at them (what’s the point of this…?); engage them in conversations; ask them long lists’ worth of questions of them; try to “loose,” through their “declarations,” all sort of things towards them, such as arrows and bullets and swords and bees and whales; etc. …

Now, whether the individual is attempting all of these things to actual demons that are standing around watching and orchestrating all that nonsense, or if it’s simply the zeal of the individual’s imagination that has negatively influenced — hypnotized, if you will — the person they are trying to supposedly “cast demons” out of, is probably up for debate in at least some instances.

But for the purposes of this article, I’ll just assume that the charismatic individuals I’m writing about in this article are trying to do all of the above-mentioned things to actual demons that are present.

And it’s not Scriptural.

Second, while Jesus certainly rebuked demons (and context of Scripture shows us that this “rebuke” was to keep them quiet… not to go on long tirades to curse them or to order them about or to poke fun at them or to rail at them, etc, things all Christians should agree that Jesus was and is MORE than authorized to do, were it God’s will to do so), it is not recorded in Scripture where WE are told to rebuke demons.

Cast them out, perhaps.

But rebuke, no. In fact, it’s even recorded in Jude verse 9 that the archangel, Michael, did not rebuke even Satan, but said to him, “The Lord rebuke you.”

So could a Christian “rebuke” a demon, as in, “tell a demon to settle down and shut up”?


But Scripture doesn’t say that we, as believers, should do so.

If you know of Scripture that clearly says that we should, however, then please share it. I’m willing to consider that maybe there are some instances where it might be necessary to tell a demon to settle down and be quiet… but if so, then the “rebuke” should be done as illustrated in Scripture: to simply tell them to be quiet, immediately followed by telling them to leave, and not to pointlessly rail at them, ask them a long series of questions, engage them in conversations, scream and spit at them, etc.

Binding and Loosing

As far as “binding” demons, this, too, is not Scriptural for us to do, especially the way charismatic-minded Christians are practicing this.

First, they often use Matthew 16:19 and Matthew 18:18 to justify or explain their actions behind supposedly “binding Satan” and “loosing angels”:

Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah! For this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by My Father in heaven. And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

Matthew 16:19 — Jesus speaking to Peter


Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

Matthew 18:18 — Jesus speaking to the rest of the apostles

But they are grossly misunderstanding and misapplying these verses.

Binding” and “loosing” refers to a rabbinical idiom that was common in Jesus’s time.

(Perhaps it’s still common nowadays, I don’t know. I’m not Jewish, nor do I study the Hebrew language and culture, so I wouldn’t know.)

“Idioms” are peculiar expressions used by a particular group of people that cannot be understood from the meaning of each word. For instance, when someone says, “he kicked the bucket,” that doesn’t always mean that a man walked over to a bucket and knocked it over with his foot. It means “he died.” So, “kick the bucket” is an idiomatic expression for death.

And so Jesus, as recorded in Matthew 16 and Matthew 18, used this type of idiomatic expression to establish first Peter’s qualifications and authority (through revelation given by the Father) to be a founding apostle for the new testament church and to establish doctrine — in other words, what was to be declared as forbidden, and what was to be declared as lawful; and then later, Jesus gave the authority to the rest of his disciples who were there that day, and eventually the apostle Paul was given this authority, as well (although some sects of people dispute this… but that is a topic I may briefly tackle another day).

But this “binding and loosing” wasn’t for anyone else, nor was it referring to demons (or angels) in any way at all. It was referring to church doctrine and to the authority of the apostles to establish such doctrine.

Here are some screenshots from Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, because this is a very important point to understand. The yellow highlighted portions are the sections that give definition to the specific Scriptures in Matthew that I quoted.



(Note: some theologians argue that “binding” and “loosing” was referring to church discipline, not to church doctrine, and this is a compelling argument, especially when one brings John 20:23 into the picture as well; but I believe it’s clear, given the different contexts of the different verses, that Jesus was talking about church doctrine in Matthew 16 and 18 and church discipline in John 20. Regardless, it’s very clear by more closely examining these Scripture and by reading them in context and with understanding of the idiomatic language of that day, that Jesus was not talking about “binding and loosing” angels and/or demons.)

Second, while believers may have been given authority to cast out demons (and I’ll talk about that in a moment), and while Jesus alluded to Himself as being the one to “bind the strongman [Satan]” (see Mark 3:27), Scripture does not tell us that we can bind demons.

Third, as I’ve already mentioned, we have no authority to command angels, much less to “loose” or to “bind” them.

The Rest of the List

Do I really need to explain why the rest of the above list are not Scriptural activities?

An Example of “High-Level” FALSE Spiritual Warfare

As an example of false spiritual warfare, here are some suggestions that have been ascribed to a man named Shannon Ray Davis of Omegaman Radio.

(Note: I could not find the original article by Mr. Davis himself, and in fact, I couldn’t find much on his website at all, aside from tons of links to other websites to listen to his countless podcasts — which I’m not interested in — or to donate money to him — which I’m not interested in — so the following information is based upon what is on websites listed below and that has been ascribed to him.)

This type of “spiritual warfare” is very reminiscent of the unbiblical trash that went on for nearly two years during my “deliverance” sessions with Daniel Duval of Bride Ministries, in some cases working exactly like mind-control programming does, especially given the circumstances surrounding such so-called “deliverance counseling,” and did NOTHING for me except put me in further bondage and bring me to the brink of suicide.

According to this website and this website, the following is suggested as part of a “working list” written by Shannon Davis, for how to engage in so-called “spiritual warfare” against demons, and although I’m quoting word for word what is written on the websites linked above, I do offer my thoughts here and there.

Take notice, if you will, how much of this is: 1) carnal and flesh-based, using all sorts of objects — and sometimes animals — that are are of the physical, instead of the spiritual concepts spoken of in Scripture; 2) full of warrior-like language and imagery; 3) rooted in the gross misunderstanding of Scripture, including a misunderstanding of what “binding and loosing” and “remitting” is, according to a proper understanding of God’s Word; 4) supported by the purposeful perversion and misapplication of Scripture, and an unbiblical declaring for himself the Scriptures that he has twisted for his own purposes; 5) largely focused on the demonic and on attempting to bring them harm in various ways; 6) done by presuming to order and command what are believed to be “angels.”; and 7) severely lacking in suggestions to pray to the Father, to be in submission to Him, and to be in submission to His Will.

In other words, not only are these recommendations on spiritual warfare against God’s Word in letter, but also in spirit.

According to what is written on the above websites, we are told that in order to wage effective spiritual warfare, Davis proposes that we should:

  1. Loose the Judgements of God on the demons to rain on them night and day (Psalms 149:7)
  2. Loose Burning Destruction and Judgement on the demons in Jesus Christ name
  3. Loose the hornets of heaven with stingers dipped in the blood of Jesus Christ to sting the demons
    • My thought: 🤔
  4. Loose Confusion on to the demons in Jesus Christ name
  5. Loose Arrows of Deliverance on the demons in Jesus Christ name
    • My thoughts: this is how one website puts it, and I’m not sure why Davis thinks it’s a good thing that, were deliverance something that could be loosed, that it should be loosed on demons, but the other website writes that Davis says we should “Loose Arrows of Deliverance into the backs of the demons as they try to run.” Either way, it’s weird.
  6. Loose blindness on the demons in Jesus Christ name
  7. Loose darkness on the demons in Jesus Christ name
  8. Loose “civil war” on the demons and command the strongman to attack the demons and the demons to attack the strongman and each other in Jesus Christ name
  9. Loose the Sword of the LORD to strike the demons in Jesus Christ name
  10. Ask God to loose great hailstones to smash the demons
  11. Loose lightning to strike the demons and discomfit them in Jesus Christ name
  12. Loose the angels of God to spoil the demons of all power, weapons, armor and strength in Jesus Christ name
  13. Loose the Spirit of Adoption to draw people to Jesus Christ
  14. Loose the Angels of God to Scalp the demons, break their teeth, saw down their horns and clip their wings
  15. Loose Angels of God with battering rams to break down the walls of the enemy in Jesus Christ name
  16. Loose Angels of God to cut all communication lines between the demons and between the strongman and the demons in Jesus Christ name
  17. Bind the strongman and the demons in people and command them to loose the person’s mind and will so that they can make a decision for Jesus Christ
  18. Bind the demons in chains of darkness and fetters of iron in Jesus Christ name
  19. Loose the Sperm whale of the LORD to attack Mind Control Spirits, ie Octagon, Giant Squid and Octupus
  20. Angels throw the fire of God on the demons and lets make a torch out of them.
  21. Angels of GOD chain up this demon real good and tight – Now I ask for the Fire of God to come and heat the chains white hot and burn holes thru the demons.
  22. Ask GOD the Father to fragment the minds and souls of the demons and loose angels to scatter the fragments across the globe in Jesus Christ name
  23. Loose angels to go in and cut all the demon layering off from around the seal on his spirit
  24. Demon, come out with all your roots in Jesus Name
  25. Loose the judgements of the Lord on all demons as they are being marinated in 1 inch boxes, continually on they leave the person in Jesus Christ Name.
  26. Pour the Milk of the Word of God down the demons throats to make them sleep and then loose angels of God to drive a tent peg through their temples and take off their heads in Jesus Christ Name
    1. My thoughts: well, this is one thing I don’t recall Duval thinking of: pouring the milk of the word down the demons throats. Davis might want to think about adding “Shovel the meat of the word down the throats of the demons with giant forks and spoons until they choke to death.” … “‘In Jesus Christ Name,’ of course.” 🙄
  27. Loose the Fire of God to burn all demons flags, banners and standards in Jesus Christ Name
  28. Loose Angels of God to break the cups and tables of the demons and slay the horses and creatures that the demons ride on in Jesus Christ Name
  29. Bind and break all curses sent against you and command them to return to sender according to the Will of God with a blessing for salvation in Jesus Christ Name
  30. Send a demon from one geographical location to another so it can be attacked by other territorial spirits
    • My thoughts: 🤔Hmm. Interesting. Is this like taking ants from one ant pile and introducing them to ants from another ant pile, and watching them fight to the death?
  31. “Antichrist always comes with 2 spirits named -Power- and -Strength-..Unless you go after those two you will never get the spirit of antichrist to budge”. – Win Worley
  32. Ask God to put a stick in my hand of bitter gall just like what Jesus was made to drink.  “Demon – open your mouth” and then Give the demons the stick of bitter gall to drink.  Make the demons confess “I accept the bitter gall”
    • My thoughts: am I the only one who feels like this is bordering on blasphemy?
  33. Put a crown of thorns on the demons heads
    • My thoughts: blasphemous…?
  34. Command the demons to eat the cockatrice eggs (Isaiah 59:5)  “Hey demon, it’s time to eat some snake eggs – you hungry?”
  35. Make the demons to use their mouth and confess that they receive their judgements.
  36. Get the demons to confess that they accept the stripes of Christ on their back.
    • My thoughts: again with the blasphemy.
  37. Get the demons to accept the burden of the Cross.
    • My thoughts: blasphemy.
  38. Ask Father God setup a table in the presence of this enemy in accordance with Psalms 23 and Summon the demons to the Lord’s Table.  (Jeremiah 23:15)
  39.  “Demon is the Blood of Jesus Christ on your head? Are you prepared to receive your judgement

Concerning “Jezebel Spirits in Men and Women,” Davis writes:

  • Jezebel is a spirit that will exert control and works with witchcraft spirits to dominate. It can be in men and women and I have dealt with cases such as a man who has around 13 of these spirits inside of him.
  • To get Jezebel to manigest ask the Ladies to put a scarf, hat or towel on their head and men to take their hats off if they are wearing one. This shows that you are submitting to God, is a covering and you do this because of the angels that look down on women and this weakens the demons.
  • Loose the Spirit of Jehu to attack Jezebel in Jesus Christ name
  • Command the Enuchs of the Lord to throw Jezebel from the Tower
  • Loose the dogs of Jezreel to attack Jezebel in Jesus Christ name
  • Loose the Blood of Jesus Christ down the throats of the demons
  • Scalp Jezebel and loose the angels to take her make-up off
  • Ask Jezebel what it thinks of the headcovering. I have had many demons scream and curse and declare “I dont like it! I want to be their covering”
    • My thoughts: if this is in fact true, that Davis has heard demons “scream and curse” at him over this, and assuming he’s not hearing things because he’s mentally ill, of course, then the demons were lying and playing games with him. I’ve experienced demons playing such unfortunate games with Duval that appealed to his ego and drove him deeper into witchcraft… and to my shame, I unwittingly participated in this ruse because of my ignorance in understanding what was truly going on. And so I have no doubt that demons are playing Davis for a fool, as well, by causing him to think they are upset or discomfited or thwarted through all of his efforts. Why? Because Davis is serving their purpose for now, and they will continue to feed him his “drug of choice,” so to speak, of having a sense of power or authority or specialness — or whatever it is that is making him “feel good” through such ridiculous “spiritual warfare” — until they are done with him. More detail on this in a bit.

Concerning “Dealing with Marine Spirits,” Davis suggests:

  • Ask God to dry up the water of the enemy in the person in Jesus Christ name and/or turn the waters they swim in into the Blood of Jesus Christ.
  • Loose the Angels of God to cut Octagon and Squid spirits off of the brain and mind and pull the cap off of the brain.

Concerning “How to Deal with Leviathan,” Davis says:

  • Loose the Angels of GOD or the Sword of the LORD and cut all 7 heads of Leviathan off, scrape off leviathan’s scales and thrust a meat hook into leviathans inner flesh and pull it out on the beach and stake it down so that the birds of the air can feast on it in Jesus Christ name

“For Unbelievers,” Davis writes:

  • Bind the strongman and the demons in the person and command them to loose the person’s mind and will so that they can make a decision for Jesus Christ
  • Ask God to forgive the person’s sins (remit) and pour out on the person His Goodness, Mercy and Grace and send the Holy Spirit to draw them unto Him to save the person.

This is the sort of so-called “high level spiritual warfare” trash that many people are beginning to eat right up, singing the praises of the one who hands them such garbage, as if such a person is a “super powerful man or women of God.”

This isn’t “high level” anything, except high level foolishness, high level idiocy, and high level occultism. It’s embarrassing that I ever fell for crap like this in the first place, but I thought that since my problems were complicated, I needed a complicated solution. (See also: “Deliverance is Not a Destination.”)

But this isn’t the only foolishness Davis apparently claims as being “spiritual warfare.” According to the websites that have shared his working list, he also suggests a list of things to say to demons in order to “demoralize them and rout them.” I’m not clear on why he thinks demoralizing demons is necessary in order to “rout” them, but here is what he suggests to say to them in order to do just that:

  • “What’s the matter demon? Are you dumb demon? You can’t talk?
  • “Demon – think of me as your friend…I am here to help you OUT!”
  • “Demon I am here to comfort you”
  • “Are you having a bad day demon?”
  • “Demon there is no plan of redemption for you – only the Lake of Fire”
  • “Demon do you want me to ask Jesus to send you to Tartarus?”
  • “Demon do you want to go to the Dungeon of the Dragon”?
  • “Demon do you like Omega Man Radio?”


If you were doubting what spirits Mr. Davis of “Omega Man Radio” is operating out of, that last statement should make it clear: at least one of them is pride.

This attitude reminds me of Duval’s stated belief that the demons tremble at the mere mention of his name.


(double eye-roll)

If they are “trembling,” it’s because they can barely contain their laughter.

And, yes, I’ve seen this type of laughter from the demonic. At that time, however, since I was under the influence of the demonic, I didn’t understand and was incapable of making the very obvious connection between the ridiculously inane “spiritual warfare” that Duval was waging, and the demons cutting up and showing off.

But, yes, they laugh at this type of ostentation display of human ego and showmanship.

Anyway, to top off Davis’s suggestions for how to wage spiritual warfare, he ends with a couple of curses to “pray”… using the Word of God and the name of Jesus, of course.

  1. Weapons Against Corrupt Leaders: “Father God we ask you to loose a “perverse” spirit into him to make him stagger like a drunken man and bring him to repentance in Jesus Christ name [The LORD hath mingled a perverse spirit in the midst thereof: and they have caused Egypt to err in every work thereof, as a drunken man staggereth in his vomit.] Isaiah 19:14
    1. My thoughts: first, this isn’t Biblical to use Scripture in such a manner; second, take a look around at the state of politics and ask yourself if Davis’s “weapons against corrupt leaders” have worked. It’s pretty clear that his “weapons” aren’t as powerful as he wants to believe they are, and although I pray that the Spirit of God will bring him to repentance, I have the feeling that he would stubbornly contest this accusation.
  2. Use against Adulterous Spouses: “Hosea 2:6-7 — Therefore, behold, I will hedge up thy way with thorns, and make a wall, that she shall not find her paths. And she shall follow after her lovers, but she shall not overtake them; and she shall seek them, but shall not find them: then shall she say, I will go and return to my first husband; for then was it better with me than now.”
    1. My thoughts: this is using the Word of God as a spell to “fix” a wayward spouse, in the same way a witch would use a spell to create a “love potion.”

Casting Out Demons: Playacting or Real?

Now, some sects of Christians believe that, while being set free from demons and demonic influence by the power of the Spirit of God is for today (and I agree), “casting out demons” is not something that believers have the authority to do today, and that this was something that was only for the first apostles. I’d sincerely love to be convinced of this as being true, and so if you know how Scripture proves this, then please share with me in the comments section below.

But for now, and for the purposes of this article, I will assume that “casting out demons” is something that believers have the authority to do today… given certain circumstances, of course.

What bothers me most about the charismatic style of “Christianity” in regards to supposedly “casting out demons,” however, is that it isn’t done in a Biblical manner. It’s often done with much hoopla and noisy displays, and lengthy and loud proclamations, and this isn’t consistent with the example given in Scripture.



And since how they are operating is not Scriptural, they are making themselves a target for the demonic, who will either bring harm to them in various ways (of course, it ALL eventually brings harm to the person, unless they repent and submit themselves to the Father and to HIS Will); or, maybe more likely, the demonic will dupe them into thinking that their false “warfare” is being effective.

Demons can and do playact. I have seen this many times over before, in not only a supposed “deliverance counseling” situation, but also in actual church services that the demons have infiltrated.

Sometimes, when an individual operates out of a false spiritual warfare — something that is equal to witchcraft in every way, and I hope this article helps highlight that fact — and attempts to “cast out” or to “rebuke” demons, rather than bring noticeable harm to the person, the demonic will instead put on a show to cause the individual to believe that their form of “warfare” is highly effective. Ultimately, the demonic will begin using such a person to further their long-term purposes to expand Satan’s kingdom and pave the way for the final antichrist.

Here’s an illustration of how this can happen:

Some of the demonic beings transform themselves into “angels of light” to teach their warrior-mind protégé their ungodly doctrines that sound good and feel good, but that are purposefully complicated and full of hidden gnosis that keeps them searching for the next answer to the endless questions that make up the puzzle of Satan’s supposed “knowledge and wisdom”.

These false angels pump up the egos of their unwitting human partner by whispering encouragements and false affirmations, and using the spiritual connection that the individual has allowed the demonic to create — a connection they have purposefully and willingly opened up to — they are fed a “spiritual drug,” so to speak, that gives them highs and lows, determined by which direction the demonic are pushing their victim.

Depending upon to what degree they are using their trainee, the demonic beings can also encourage them down the path of destruction by giving them special gifts, such as tokens of wealth, fame, companionship, authority, power. Or by giving them special abilities, such as astral traveling, supernatural knowledge, healing. They also can herd them down the path of destruction through various supernatural experiences, such as taking them to supernatural realms, or giving them pleasant sexual encounters, tantalizing them with promises of greater and bigger things… more experiences… more knowledge… more power and prestige… more and more and more.

On the other hand, some demons are used to harass the warrior-minded individual in various ways, so that the person is encouraged to continue using their so-called spiritual warfare to stop the harassment.

And yet others will star in their own demonically-orchestrated “spiritual warfare” performances, playing the part of the demon that they are, or disguising themselves as a warring angel, so that the individual’s pride is puffed up by his or her supposed success when the demons appear to be cowering in fear, or when it seems as if they’ve run off in shame and anguish, or when it seems like the alleged “angels” that the individual imagines himself or herself to be ordering about, bow in reverence to their theoretical greatness, etc.

In the meantime, since the demonic are working through the individual to encourage others down a path of destruction, the individual has a certain magnetism about him or her — a “glamour” so to speak — that is given to them by the demonic , and this is very effective in attracting a large following. So not only does the individual have the demonic whispering in his or her ears, artificially inflating their ego and encouraging them to ignore what is plainly written in God’s Word, but eventually, he or she has a very large following doing the same.

As a result of all of this, the individual is deceived into allowing the demons to use them to influence more and more people, and because of their evil imagination, their ego and pride, and because they refuse to line up with God’s Word and submit to Him, they don’t even realize what has happened until it’s too late.

Sometimes I wonder that if they do eventually realize what has happened (and by the grace of God, I pray that they do this side of eternity), would they even care by that point?

Only God knows.

(See also the “Shining Ones” chapter in our book.)

Spiritual Warfare and Casting Out Demons: Follow the Example of Scripture

Most of the time, perhaps, there isn’t a need at all to “cast out” anything, except for one’s own will, and to submit to the will of the Father.

This is something that happens at salvation, and continues as we are discipled in God’s Word and learn to be obedient to the principles found within His Word. As we do this, demonic influences will lessen (although they will always try to attack), and more and more freedom will be found.

I’ve certainly learned this from personal experiences.

And maybe sometimes the person isn’t suffering from an actual possession of demons, but rather an oppression, that can be overcome not by “casting out,” but by Christian counseling and discipleship, being encouraged to continue living out the very simple but powerful principles of deliverance that are taught in God’s Word.

I’ve learned this from personal experiences, too.

But if there is casting out to do (and I’ve been there myself, too, but the “casting out” came about by repenting of my sin, submitting to God, to His Word, to His Will, and learning to continually resist the devil), then there should be certain conditions met in order for such an activity to line up with what is taught in Scripture, and so I’ve been pondering this in light of the principles of Scripture.

The first condition should be that such “casting out” is in line with God’s will at that moment.

This is a principle in God’s Word that is clear by a simple reading: everything must be done in accordance with the Will of God.

Second, the one doing the “casting out” should be saved and under the authority of Jesus Christ, and should be acting under the unction and prompting of the Spirit of God.

This is a principle that is upheld by a simple reading of the Word of God, the most obvious one being that “Satan can’t cast out Satan.” (Mark 3:23)

As mentioned above, however, demons can and will make a mockery of the process for someone who is not operating under the authority of Jesus Christ, nor according to the principles in His Word, and they may put on a performance to make it seem as if they are being cast out. This is the case with MANY charismatic-minded “Christian” charlatans — it was the case with Duval, who I was affiliated with before God delivered me — but even the most blatant occultists — shamans, witches, wiccans, etc. — can act as exorcists to temporarily “rid” people of demons and demonic influence from their person or from their home.

But there is no true “casting out” in those instances. Just a performance that the demons put on in order to further their agenda, as I’ve already illustrated.

The third condition should be that the person who has the demon actually wants to have the demon gone, because not everyone wants to be free of demonic influence.

This one seems obvious to me, too, and is in line with what God’s Word teaches about renouncing our will and submitting to God’s will. Salvation and the freedom from the bondage of sin isn’t shoved down our throats. We have to desire it and we have to ask for it.

The fourth condition is that the casting out follows the example of how Christ Jesus and His disciples cast out demons.

This seems like a no-brainer. If Jesus said to “follow Him,” then why would we think it acceptable to go our own way when it comes to casting out demons…? Because it “seems better”?

Certainly, the complications of Satan’s way can seem like the “better solution” for the complications of sin when compared to the simplicity of the gospel… but it’s not.

One very simple but powerful lesson I’ve learned through all of the crap I’ve been through is that, while Satan is the one who complicates things, God’s solutions are very simple. Not always easy, no, but they are simple.

Take 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 for instance. Here’s what verse 25 says: “For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength.”

I always used to overlook those verses because I never really understood how powerful its message.

Now I know.

Satan complicates, but God simplifies.

And what a joy it is to be rid of all the complications!

The fourth condition is that the “casting out” is directly followed by a confession of Christ Jesus, because what’s the point of casting out demons if there is no salvation that follows? And if the individual is not filled with the power and influence of the Spirit of God, then soon the empty space will be filled up again by even more demons than before.

See Luke 11:24-26 (also in Matthew 12:43-45).

Fifth, after the “casting out,” the individual should be continually and properly discipled in the Word of God.

It’s almost certain that, as they do with everyone (Christians aren’t exempt!), the demons will continue to try to influence or bother the individual who they were cast away from. So it’s important that the individual is equipped with the TRUTH of God’s Word so that he or she can stand strong against the attacks that will come from the enemy.

See: Hebrews 6:4-8, Hebrews 10:26-29, 2 Peter 2:20-22, 2 Peter 3:17-18, etc.


I was going to give some of my personal experiences, and share a powerful testimony from a friend, but this article is already so long, that it’s rivaling my meditation and yoga article in terms of length… lol

So personal testimonies will have to wait for another day, but since I’m not even done with Part Two of Visions, Dreams, and Spiritual Experiences,” I’m not sure when that’ll be.

EDIT: see here — “Demons in the Church and “Visions, Dreams, and Spiritual Experiences, part 2.”


I’ll just end with a link to read some of what Carolyn and I have already written about what spiritual warfare is according to God’s Word: “Spiritual Battle/Spiritual Warfare.”

And then one last Scripture:

2 Peter 3:17-18 — “Therefore, beloved, since you already know these things, be on your guard so that you will not be carried away by the error of the lawless and fall from your secure standing. But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity.”


Loren Grace

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  1. This post is so well written and entertaining. It sheds light on so many subjects that all Christians should be wary of. You wrote it so well and pointed out the shear stupidity of these so called Christians. The way you humbled yourself and the great placement of humor in a very difficult subject is genius! Great job!!!


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