Home Again

The boys and I returned home Friday evening right before sundown. The electric was supposed to have been on already, but as luck would have it, it was not, so we sweated it out all evening as we hauled things around, unpacked, and did our best at rearranging a few things that had been displaced due to our hurricane preparations before the darkness made it impossible to continue.

Thankfully, husband’s brother had loaned husband a generator the previous week (thank you John! 😊), and we were at least able to sleep in air conditioning in the upstairs bedrooms, which was very nice. I had the best night’s sleep I had had in ten days.

When the electric came back on the next afternoon, the first thing I did was tackle the stinky laundry that had piled up in the laundry room.

Afterwards, I did laundry.

Then I did laundry.

Then when that was done, I did laundry.

And, let’s see… what else? Oh yeah, I did laundry.

(There was a lot of laundry.)


The previous nine days while “camping out” in Neal’s farmhouse, I had done laundry by hand, and having been prepared with some helpful advice from this awesome post


… I had learned from my mistakes from the time before. So, nearly every day for nine days, I armed myself with a clean (read: brand-new and never before used) toilet plunger, a teensy amount of laundry detergent, and a kitchen sink, and soaked and plunged the dirt and grime out of our clothes. After they were clean and well-rinsed, the boys wrung excess water from the clothes, and I hung them to dry on the make-shift clothesline we had rigged up between posts on the front porch.

The clothesline wasn’t pretty, but it worked very well. I used hangman’s knots to keep tension on the knots …

(because that’s pretty much the only knot I know to keep things tight, although as I was struggling with the last knot, my youngest son informed me that he had a very helpful book of knots stashed away in the middle console of his truck… which would have been nice to know a little sooner… lol)

… and then son screwed in some tiny screws right below the knots on each post to keep the lines from slipping down the posts.

So, no, not pretty. But it worked. And it was kinda fun!


Using a washing machine is much easier, though, especially for large and multiple loads, like we had this weekend! But for future emergency usage (and maybe just ’cause I might feel like it), I’m planning on purchasing this little fun hand-cranked washing machine that is shown here:

On their website, they also sell a handy-dandy little spin dryer, but I think I’m just going to purchase a portable umbrella-style clothesline, that way I can just bring her with me the next time we have to evacuate (and as much as I hate to think about it, there will be a next time), along with a bag of my soapberries, and I’ll be all set to do laundry off-grid!

(Speaking of soapberries, I have a ton of them. Is anyone interested in buying? If so, contact me to discuss it. I used to sell them at weekend flea markets and such, but my anxiety began to get so bad that I couldn’t do it anymore. But if there’s interest, I would be willing to sell online to those in the U.S. — the shipping costs are too high for other countries. Those from other countries who are interested in buying soapberries would probably be better off buying from a larger company or off of Amazon.)

So, anyway, that’s basically how my weekend has gone: laundry. And I’m trying to get back into a normal routine so I don’t feel so out-of-sorts and switchy.

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