A New Chapter of My Bio, “Snapshot #10: A Lost Smile”

A few weeks ago, I came across an individual who, on a public forum, accused me of being a liar, and the stated reason was because s/he said that I don’t “give enough detail.”




Yet, there s/he was, leaving a link to the website I share with Carolyn (which is how I became aware of the comment to begin with), recommending the content of the website of someone whom s/he believed to be a liar.




Does anyone else other than Carolyn and I find this to be—

Well, I want to say “stupid,” but perhaps that would be considered rude (although it is one of the descriptive words I’m thinking of…), so I guess I’ll stick with “illogical.”

So does anyone else find this to be illogical?

If I believed someone to be a liar, I certainly wouldn’t recommend their blog.

But that’s just me, apparently….



But anyway… this short little blog post is just to let you know that I wrote another chapter of my bio. You can find it here:

Snapshot #10 — A Lost Smile

For those who don’t find it to be detailed enough to be “believable”— for those whose ears aren’t tickled quite enough and whose carnal appetites are left unfulfilled and frustrated by the lack of sensationalistic details in any of my writings, including those on my joint blog with Carolyn — then I respectfully suggest you move on to another blog.

It’s my life, my experiences, and I choose what to share and what to not.

In fact, in every one of my writings on this blog and on the blog I share with Carolyn, I try to give only the necessary details of what I believe will be the most helpful to others without becoming lurid or sensationalisitic.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a balance, though, because the line between necessary detail and unnecessary detail can be hard for me to see at times. But although I may at times fail (and for those times, please forgive me), I do try very hard to not put the focus on the wrong thing, because I don’t want to point people to the problem, but to the Solution. So if I err, I prefer to err on the side of not giving enough detail.

And that is how I will continue to write, by the grace of God.

So, no, I may not give enough details to satisfy those who are seeking after the sensational. However, there are plenty of people who love to pass on salacious and thrilling stories, true or not, to satisfy the voracious appetites of the red-pill-poppers and the rabbit-hole junkies, and those people are very easy to find.

But I’m not one of them, so if that is what you are seeking, it may be best for you to move on.

For the rest of you who are searching for healing from your own past traumas…

or for those of you who have a friend or a loved one who is working through their healing process…

or for those of you who simply want to understand more…

then I hope reading through the chapters of my bio is helpful to you, even in some small way.


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  1. I hope this might be of some encouragement. I’m not sure exactly how or why anyone would, or even could, interpret your writings as lies. You are not a liar. I know that your writings are the absolute truth, without question. I think they question you because they simply do not and cannot, understand. I understand. So, how do I know you are telling the truth? I probably will not explain this very well. Like you, there are things I’m just not going to get into. I am 73. When I was born in 1946, there was an evil that hung over our family because of an individual in our family that worshipped the Adversary. I saw things, heard things and became aware of a great power that I could have if I just said yes to it. I was about 11 at that time. Fortunately my mother was a real Christian and she had taught me enough where I knew I wanted God and not the other. I rejected the “power.” I just can’t say a whole lot else. But when I read through your writings, I “get it.” I remember things that I had been told regarding the evil, the power and the things that had happened in the family because of it, things I would rather not repeat. All I can say is no, you are not a liar. You absolutely are not a liar!

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    • Thank you for your comment, Dennis, I appreciate the encouragement, maybe more than you know. I’m glad you understand where I’m coming from… but I’m sorry, too, that you understand where I am coming from. I’m sure you understand what I mean.

      The individual I wrote of is in a fairly large “truther” forum online. Through my observations of people within “truther” groups (a larger group that, as others like them, probably started with good intent, but has since been heavily infiltrated by the demonic, and is now being used by the demonic to spread fear and disinformation and satanic doctrines), I’ve noticed that many of them are attracted to the sensational, probably for a large variety of reasons. From what I’ve noticed, one reason is because they are addicted to fear porn. Another reason is because they usually have an unbiblical “charismatic” type of mindset that keeps them focused on feelings and experiences rather than what is truth. Another reason is because they want to be “in the know,” and even knowing someone who they consider to be “in the know” satisfies their desire to appear to others to be “in the know.”

      If I thought more about it, I could probably come up with more defining characteristics of such individuals, but my point is that if something doesn’t “scratch their itch,” so to speak, in a satisfactory way, then they dismiss or overlook it, and even at times try to disparage it.

      So, it doesn’t surprise me that some people believe me to be a liar.

      I do wonder, however, why they believe that their uneducated opinion about my personal experiences should matter…? lol 😂 After all, they weren’t there, so how in the world should they know…?

      At any rate, if I wanted a huge following – a huge “fan base,” so to speak – then there are plenty of spiritual experiences, dreams, visions, encounters, etc…, that I could write about in great detail that would really “scratch that itch” many have.

      I could even easily speak about some of those encounters in way that makes evil look as if it is good, and none of them would even know because they are so undiscerning to the point that they even recommend to others someone whom they believe to be a liar.

      Good grief….

      And that’s exactly what the demonic would love for me to do: to “scratch that itch” people have… to speak about them (the demonic) in such a way that it makes their evil to seem good… to draw people’s attention to them, rather than on a relationship with the Father… to get people interested in and curious about the demonic, rather than the simple gospel of Jesus Christ… to get people focused on them, rather than on God’s Word.

      But I fight the urge to do just so (and as a result, sometimes share much less detail than I could) because of many different reasons that I have written about before (but I haven’t shared the whole of it, of course). So concerning what you wrote about “rejecting the power”…. Yes, get that. Rejecting is a fight. Sometimes it’s a difficult fight for me. Most times, maybe, which is why I go through long periods of times where I don’t write a lot because the fight gets harder when I write, and I get tired of fighting.

      And in that vein, can you please keep me in your prayers?

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is encouraging to know that you have lived 73 years, fighting the good fight, and refusing to serve evil. I pray it encourages others, too, who read your comment. ❤

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      • Thank you so much for your reply. I understand exactly where you are coming from. I can identify with every sentence you wrote in your reply, especially “…but has since been heavily infiltrated by the demonic, and is now being used by the demonic to spread fear and disinformation and satanic doctrines.”
        I have seen this many times in different Churches we have attended. I see it in the church we are presently attending but I’m not sure yet what to do about it. False doctrines have come in through a couple that recently came from another local church. They fit the definition of the infiltrators described in your book “Doctrines of Demons.” We have had to leave several churches because when we exposed Satanic doctrines, we were the ones labeled as divisive or “nuts.”
        On another note, I did not fight the good fight very well for a lot of my adult life. About 20 years ago when my first wife became terminally ill, the Lord got my attention. I went back to Him and finally learned and embraced the simple Gospel for myself. Jesus is mine. I will keep you in my prayers.

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        • Thank you for sharing that part of your testimony. ❤

          Concerning your church, I pray you are able to see where God is leading you in that matter.

          Like many things, it's a complicated topic, but for many reasons, we stopped looking for a good church. There's so much infiltration everywhere, and from my observations, most people (even fundamentally sound people) either don't see it, or only see a small portion of it – what is most noticeable – that they fail to recognize how they are contributing to the problem. And, too, coming from my background, there are so many triggers. It just isn’t worth the risk right now.


  2. My sister! You and Carolyn have both helped me more than you know, along with a handful of others, who have also came out of the occult, know who Jesus Christ is, and are very serious about serving Him!
    Those who have not endured the trauma and programming of ritual abuse, child abuse, the splitting off, and the mutitude of triggers, related P.T.S.D. symptoms, and not wanting to trigger these things, or go into battle zones that we need not fight in (because the battle was won on Calvary), will not understand. But, I do.
    I am amazed at how many memories, and fragmented pieces of my life the Lord is mending back together. Now, if I respond to particular individuals in ways that are uncommon, and were unknown to me, until recently, I realize that there is yet another multiple that still needs to mesh.
    I am in the process of writing PART 3 of my testimony of what I endured, and how our Heavenly Father has continued to deliver me from more of this, by His Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. There are still missing pieces, of course. There is still a 6 or 7 year lapse.
    As you have explained yourself: your blog serves one purpose, and your blog with Carolyn, another purpose. I never want what I share to trigger another person, although it cannot always be avoided.
    I owe my life to Our Heavenly Father, and the LAMB OF GOD, who sent a minister of Jesus Christ to cast Satan out of a demon-possessed witch on December 16, 2013; and, by God’s grace alone, I am a child of God!
    So I will be praying about this.
    God Bless you my sister!

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  3. Your honesty is very much appreciated! I am sorry you have had those experiences, but as long as you speak the truth, you honor God, and that is what matters. If you point people to God (which you do) you will have haters in this world. It absolutely sucks. I pray for you and that you are growing closer to God each day.


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