“Forget What is Behind?” Warnings Against “Inner Healing” and My Response

This blog post is in response to this article: https://scribalwell.wordpress.com/2019/05/14/examining-the-roots-of-the-inner-healing-movement/

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on this blog post, so my comments may not make much sense if you don’t read the above article.

(For survivors: the above-linked article shows, in my opinion, a lack of understanding concerning ritual abuse, mind-control programming, and dissociation, and the expressed viewpoints in the article may be triggering to some of you. Keep in mind your own triggers when reading. ❤)

The above-linked article is on a blog site that, from the little I’ve read through so far, appears to offer sound Biblical insight on certain matters (but I will continue reading, lining up those words with what the Word of God teaches, as I hope you, the reader, will do with my words, as well 😊).

Now, this particular article does not seems to be so much an expression of the blogger’s own opinion, but that of him piecing together bits and pieces from other’s opinions, and sharing them on one blog post.

I say this, because I do not want to come across as “calling out” the above-linked blogger. In fact, I’m not even personally addressing the blogger at all in this article, but I’m addressing the more general audience of Bible-based Christians, whomever and wherever they may be.

This article is absolutely NOT about “calling out” any particular individual (and if it comes across that way, please forgive me!). But I am simply sharing my viewpoint concerning those specific groups of articles that were copied into that one article, because they are expressing a particular mindset that I have come across before, but have never publicly expressed my thoughts on the matter. In fact, I have come across much of the material presented in the above-referenced article when writing the book I authored with Carolyn, and it saddened me because I could see where the reflected attitudes are actually bringing harm to dissociative survivors. This harm is likely not caused intentionally, but it is harm, nonetheless.

So I would like to take this time to bring into the conversation something important that needs to be considered by true Christians when exposing “inner healing” therapies as being based upon false doctrine.

⇒ Note: if you do not understand what I mean when I say “dissociative survivors,” please read the following information — An Overview to Understanding Dissociation and D.I.D.

The Intention of This Article

Since leaving Bride Ministries and exposing their occult practices, Carolyn and I have experienced rejection from pretty much all sides.

Naturally, the non-Christians and occultists of various types reject our message.

And the “christian” occultists especially reject our message.

But many (not all! but many) of the more balanced, fundamental Christians ignore our message of warnings, as well, presumably because we talk about things that they find to be uncomfortable topics, such as mind-control programming… or dissociation… or explaining and exposing Satan’s plan from the perspective of having worked alongside his spiritual hierarchy. (See: Lucifer’s Hierarchy, Structure, and Purpose/)

So we kinda feel all alone out here, trying to warn those charismatic-minded, mystic, “christian” occultists away from danger, because if there are those strong Christians — those “watchmen on the wall,” so to speak — who are coming out strong against false doctrine, none of them are offering their support to us.

This isn’t to be whining about it. I’m just stating facts. I (and Carolyn) will continue to do what God has called us to do, regardless of who does or does not stand with us, but the lack of genuine and strong support is very disheartening at times.

But what is especially frustrating to us, is that we have a unique perspective of having come out of the occult and having worked alongside Satan’s hierarchy, and our message is not something that contradicts the warning that these Christians are sharing. It is, in fact, right in line with it! But it adds an element (that of having personally worked alongside Satan’s spiritual hierarchy) that many of those Christians do not understand, or are afraid of, or perhaps do not even believe.

So this article is written with the intention to “hold out a hand,” so to speak, to those Christian brothers and sisters, hopefully bringing a greater level of understanding as to how they can show compassion to dissociative survivors, which will then open the door for the Christian brother or sister to share the truth of God’s Word that will bring the survivor healing instead of turning them away to seek after occult “therapies.”

About “Inner Healing” Therapies

I’d first like to say that I, too, condemn these type of therapies for reasons I have written about throughout this website as well as on the website I share with Carolyn.

“Inner healing” therapies are unbiblical; they are steeped in the occult; in some cases (as what I experienced with Duval), they are identical to the techniques used in mind-control programming; and they do not bring TRUE healing to the person.

And although the person believes themselves to be getting closer to God, they are slowly been led away from the true God, where TRUE healing is found, and towards false gods: one’s own supposed “spirit man“; Satan, who can come disguised as an angel light (2 Corinthians 11:14); and various other demonic beings, some of whom disguise themselves as “Jesus” or as “angels” or as a “ministering spirit.”

The “inner healing” craze is, in fact, one avenue that Satan is using to corral people

(specifically, dissociative survivors of ritual abuse and/or TBMC… although not all are survivors of these things and not all are truly dissociative… although many become dissociative through the doctrines of demons such harmful “therapies” practice)

and to keep them under the care of individuals who are being used by the demonic, rather than on being discipled by true men and women of God.

“Inner healing” therapies keep the individual focused on a visualized “healing” that comes from within their own self, rather than healing that originates from without (from God), beginning at salvation, and continuing as the Spirit of God works within them.

(And in case anyone is confused, this “working of the Spirit of God within” is not even remotely similar to the visualization techniques of “inner healing.”)

“Inner healing” therapies keep the person focused on the demonic, rather than on the Father. They keep them tied up in occult practices, rather than on rightly dividing the Word of God. Such “therapies” are discipling people into an occult belief system, rather than discipling them on the properly exegeted Word of God.

However, I have yet to see any true Christian point out the errors of such heretical “healing” therapies who does not, at the same time, inadvertently push away dissociative survivors with the language they use, specifically in these two points:

1. to “forget what is behind”;

2. and the insistence that past trauma has nothing to do with our “current condition and action.”

Hence, my response to this article.

My Response to the Article

The following is a copy/paste from my response to the above-linked article:

First, I 100% agree with the basic premise of this article.

Second, no doubt there are some who lie about their past; and no doubt there are some who have been led to believe lies about their past. I’ve certainly seen evidence of this myself through my unfortunate and awful experiences with “deliverance counseling,” which operates from a “theophostic” standpoint, a type of “counseling” that is blatantly occult.


I’d like to get something off my chest here, and I may end up blogging at length about it later, but for now, this comment will have to suffice. Too many other projects going at once. 😄

I’ve noticed three major issues that most Christians whom I have come across fail to address, and barely even want to recognize, when expressing warning others away from a so-called “inner healing” type of “therapy.”

The first is ritual abuse and the fact that it does exist. The second is mind-control programming and the fact that it not only exists, but is a huge part of Satan’s end-time plan. The third are the issues surrounding severe and chronic dissociation.

I’ve written a ton about it on the blog I share with Carolyn as well as on my personal blog, so I won’t write a whole story here… lol… but the main point I want to make is that many adults who have gone through ritual abuse as a child, well as TBMC (trauma-based mind control programming) as a child, have very little to no memories of that abuse, and many of their memories of this abuse from childhood aren’t often recognized as actually being memories. This is because the trauma was so severe, they dissociated from the trauma.

And so, as an adult, when they are exhibiting behavior that they don’t understand; or saying things that they don’t understand; or being drawn to belief systems without understanding why; or having portions of their days where they are “blanking out,” unable to give account for what they have done or said; or are having recurring obsessive thoughts that are haunting them and giving them nightmares; or are under constant demonic attack; or are being controlled by people in their lives without being able to break free; or a million other things… when these adults then go to the average Christian for help, the answer they are given is an answer that based upon a horrible misinterpretation and misapplication of Scripture (such as: “forgetting those things which are behind”).

This is abusive, both psychologically as well as spiritually.

If the TRUE Christian understood the issues behind ritual abuse, TBMC, as well as the related issues of dissociation (also related to PTSD), then perhaps they would be more equipped to give a compassionate and Biblically sound solution. Instead, the true Christian, through their ignorance, are actually pushing away the very people who they (the true Christian) are actually more than equipped to help because of their solid foundation in the Word of God.

So I blame, in part, the true Christian who, through their ignorance of the subject matter, turn survivors away from the simple gospel of Jesus Christ, causing survivors to seek out non-biblical solutions that are actually leading them into occult practices. I have yet see anyone point this out, but those Christians are actually making Satan’s job a lot easier in corralling survivors into the place where the demonic want them to be, including “deliverance and inner healing” types of “ministries.”

I make my sincere plea to those true Christians: don’t let your own misunderstanding of how the demonic work through ritual abuse, TBMC, dissociation, cause you to push away people who you can help through discipling them in the truth of the Word of God. ❤

An Extra Note to Dissociative Survivors

Christians who tell you (either directly or through insinuation) that you do not need to remember your past… or that you should forget about it…  are wrong. They are horribly misinterpreting and misapplying Scripture.

It’s true that remembering your past does not bring you healing. The Father, because of Jesus Christ and through His Spirit, brings you healing, and this work of the Holy Spirit begins at salvation!

But remembering can be part of this healing process.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that you have to (or even should!) remember every little detail about your past traumas in order to heal from them.

Neither am I saying that your ultimate goal as a survivor should be to remember.

As a survivor, your goal should be what every other Christian’s goal should be, and that is to follow Jesus Christ… to seek the Father… to submit to His will… to study Scripture and to be obedient to His Word, applying those Godly principles to your life… etc. As you do these things (and as you take care of the practical matters of healing, which I will be blogging about soon), the Spirit of God works healing within you.

But when people say you don’t have to remember anything in order for God to heal you…? That your past traumas have nothing to do with your current condition…?

Considering the context of these statements

(reminder: people who are dissociative… who don’t completely remember the heinous abuses they were forced to endure)

I irrevocably disagree.

I am not saying that God is limited by our ability to remember or to not.

Nor am I trying to suggest that we are forever held captive by our past traumas.

These statements are not true.

But I’m simply saying that, in the context of those of us who struggle with dissociation to one degree or another, part of the healing process that the Father brings you through will entail remembering, to one degree or another. This is not to say that you will remember every little detail about every little abuse… but certainly, much of the time, healing does involved remembering to one extent or another. And this healing will set you free from being held in bondage by those past traumas!

To say or imply that you, as a survivor, should just forget about the past, and that remembering has nothing to do with healing, is not only ignorant, but abusive. It is, in fact, echoing the voice of the abusers themselves, who have very good reasons why they want their victims to remain dissociated from the abuse (to not remember the abuse).

This makes for a very dangerous and unhealthy situation for you, the survivor, while letting the abusers off scot-free.

Please consider the following examples:

⇒ Example: if you can’t remember that your father raped you, how will you know to keep your daughter away from him? If you are not allowed the basic decency of processing through this abuse, how will you be able to recognize the characteristics of abusers so that you will not marry an abusive spouse? How will you be able to teach your children to know the characteristics of an abusive person so that they can protect themselves in the future… protect their children… protect their children’s children…?

⇒ Example: if you remain dissociated from having been victimized by a family friend, how will you recognize that person is someone you need to stay away from? How will you be able to recognize what it is about their behavior that is ungodly? How will you know to not allow them to exert influence over you? How will you know to avoid people like them in the future?

Example: if you don’t remember that you have been the victim of ritual abuse and/or TBMC, then how will you begin to realize the people in your life who are acting as handlers? How will you know that you should get away from their ungodly influence? How will you know to start paying attention to your triggers so that you can work on resisting programmed urges by submitting to the Father, allowing His Spirit to break demonic programming ties, and staying grounded in the truth of His Word?

⇒ Example: if you don’t remember about TBMC or ritual abuse, then how will you be able to recognize that you are more susceptible to being led astray by doctrines of demons?

⇒ Example (I give this example particularly for the non-dissociative individual to relate to): if you don’t remember that your child died, then how will you be able to work through your grief that you will undoubtedly feel; and for the future, how will you be able to comfort those who may be grieving because their child died?

I could go on with examples, but hopefully the point is clear: it’s not wrong to want to remember your past, and it would be ridiculous, unwise (and impossible) to forget about your past.

To suggest such is not only unreasonable, but is also downright abusive.

It’s not the “remembering” that is bad. It’s how you go about it that is either Biblical or unbiblical. Stay away from “inner healing” ministries. They are leading to delusion and are teaching occult doctrines.

Instead, ground yourself in the truth of God’s Word, learn to apply those Biblical principles to your life, and submit your every problem to the Father, trusting the healing work of His Spirit within you.

(reminder: this is not related to “inner healing”!)

Over time, as you apply Biblical principles to your life and as you apply practical solutions to your life, you will notice a difference! Healing from the things that have caused dissociation is not a quick path; but it is a path that is lived out every single day of your life as you learn to follow Jesus Christ and walk in His path.

A Final Word

To those true Christians out there who come across dissociative survivors, and who tell such people to “forget about the past,” and tell them (or strongly imply) that no good and no healing comes from remembering the past, and to say that the past abuses have nothing to do with a person’s present condition: not only are you imitating the abusers of that person’s past

(in some cases, as with those who are survivors of TBMC, this is very literally a  demonic programming script you are reinforcing, that is meant to keep the survivor in a continued state of dissociation, confused and afraid to speak out against their perpetrators)

but you are also playing right into Satan’s hand of keeping the survivor in bondage to their past.

Remembering the past is a normal activity, and everyone should learn from their past.

And to say that past traumas have nothing to do with our “current condition and action” is ridiculous. This is not a logical statement at all. We don’t have to be held in bondage to our past traumas, but our past experiences, both good and bad, shape who we eventually become.

Do you disagree with me? Then please answer this question: if past experiences have nothing to do with one’s current condition and action, then why does it matter how you raise your children?

You see, it does matter!

Dissociative survivors who are being encouraged to “forget those things that are behind” and who are being told that their past has nothing to do with their present, are being drawn into very bad situations, are becoming entangled with very bad people, and are being led astray by false doctrines, because they don’t recall much of what happened to them in the past, what they do remember is not being allowed to be put into proper perspective (because they are being told to forget it and that it has nothing to do with their current situation), and they have no way of avoiding the same mistakes in the future.

But the Apostle Paul (or anyone else in the Bible) never preached dissociation!

“Remembering” for the sake of healing and moving forward with one’s life is not the same thing as “remembering” so that one can dwell on and be held captive by the past for the rest of one’s life.

There is a difference.

Please learn it.

And then I ask if you would be more judicious with your words and more balanced with your counsel, because not everyone has a good recollection of their past. And those survivors you are turning away (unintentionally, I’m sure) need the help that you can offer! They need discipleship on the truth of the Word of God! They need the wisdom you can offer!

They need you!

I pray this article is received with the love and concern in which it has been given.

Before commenting, please read my comment policy.



  1. […] Post Script – It has been pointed out to me today that in my efforts to dismantle ‘inner healing heresy,’ I grievously gave the impression that trauma from abuse was either non-existent, or an insignificant issue in the life of true abuse victims, and that traumatic memories or even dissociative repercussions, should be just put behind and forgotten. Although this was not my intention, nor do I believe this, never the less, the impression was given. A new friend I met today, Loren Grace, being a survivor of such, kindly reminded me that, although the ‘inner healing heresy’ is known for producing ‘false positive’ results in abuse memories, (false memories), I failed to acknowledge the reality of crippling, debilitating, traumatic abuse. For this I sincerely apologize and ask your forgiveness, esp. to those who know the pain of such abuse! Thank you Loren for the willingness to speak up. May this provide opportunity for Godly perspectives and Biblical response to be introduced to the Church, the Body of Christ, regarding the truth of these matters. I post Loren’s link with her response to my earlier blog on this issue. I also posted her blog response on my blog site. For more information visit her blog site. To those who are victims of such abuse, I will endeavour to let the reality of your truth be known, that true healing from the power of the cross, and the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord, be known! God bless. Daryl https://lorengrace.com/2019/09/23/forget-what-is-behind-warnings-against-inner-healing-and-my-respon… […]

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  2. Amen. Thank- you! I really appreciate you! The Lord is bringing up pieces, and beginning to join things together. Still a long way away from the complete picture. Im not afraid to remember now. A lot of it is horrible, but Im not afraid. Now I realize that I was born into the occult, but suffered both types of abuse. Then I came into the churches. I felt comfortable with the familiar calling things in, speaking them and watching them manifest. When I realized that I had actually performed “white magick” behind church walls, I was devastated. But , I repented before God and man. I have taught these things, before the Holy Spirit showed me what I had done. I first heard the Gospel of Christ at 18. By then I was already bound by so much, I had no idea how to get free. But, I prayed the ” magick” prayer. Now, the Holy Spirit is beginning to show me that I laid hands on people amd prayed for them. I did it in darkness and took these things on myself, then had to find the incantation to get rid of it. But, I did it during times that I was not serving God, yet believed thst I was. This continued until He totally freed me from the tares that the word of faith heresy hsd planted in me. I was programmed at birth. I remember a lot of details now that I dont need to share! I have been in several churches that either preached hetesy or the truth until I trusted them. Then, they twisted it. I was in one of the false deliverance ministries also. Meditation, visualization, hypnosis and mind control were used there. Also long form prayers were used to renounce secret societies and other ungodly alliances. I wondered how I could have fallen for all of these things, but the answer was simple: they were all familiar. I estimate that I was probably reprogrammed over andvover in many of these places. This happened over about five years. But He is bringing the memories of what happened in these places back. I remembered very little of these things. They were hidden. I rarely go to church now. I dont trust most of them. I have been kicked out of many for not conforming, and for speaking the truth in love. Most of these things the Holy Spirit has begun piecing together recently.I live my family. We all did whst we were taught. Thats the thing I noticed lately. Each one of us is really good at taking orders and following instructions.
    Thank- you foe sharing and for allowing me to share.
    God bless!

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