Bio: Systems and the Grid

This chapter is speaking of a particular part of my system that I call “the grid,” which I will explain as I write. But when I speak of “the grid” within my system, I am NOT speaking to the network that marks the boundaries of satanic systems that are spread across the earth (what Carolyn and I have referred to as “The Grid”… see:Point Seven” of our book.) The “grid” that Dr. A programmed inside of me, and “The Grid” that covers the earth, are two completely different things.

Moving (Again)

Several years ago, in my journal, I wrote down every instance that I could remember of all the different houses I have lived in throughout my life, from birth into adulthood, including temporary housing due to homelessness for various reasons.

I counted 31, although I may be missing one or two. It’s just too much to keep up with….

But that wasn’t the amount of moves I’ve made. The amount of moves averaged about 30% more (give or take) than 31 houses, mostly due to homelessness while married to my first husband. The first couple of years or so that we were married, after residing in our own apartment for four months, we jostled around several times between my mother’s house and his parent’s house. Then we had a short stay at the house of one of his friend’s, before we finally settled (if you want to call it “settled”) in our own apartment once again  for a year (or did the trailer house come before the apartment…? I can’t recall exactly) … before moving again.. then again… and then once more. Or was it twice more…?

There were so many moves, it’s confusing, and I’m not even sure if I have correctly documented the sequence of moves. It’s one of those things that is hard to keep up with, but since it’s over and done with, I don’t feel it matters so much if I give a precise and 100% correct narrative concerning each move. The point is, we moved. A lot.

And then, as an adult, after divorcing my first husband, I moved back to California for a few months, staying at the house of a “boyfriend” I had met online, and then moving into a hotel for a few weeks, before finally moving back to Texas, first back into my ex-husband’s home, and then into my own apartment.

(None of that was a great idea, by the way. I was very foolish to have been involved with all of that, and it’s not a decision that I’m proud of, and I hate even bringing it up. But as embarrassing as it is, it’s part of my life, so there it is….

It was also during a time where some of my programming was starting to break down, although I didn’t recognize that at the time, and I felt a strong and inexplicable urge to move back to California and reconnect with old places, where much of my programming as a child had taken place. But I didn’t realize that back then, of course.)

As a child, there was also a short period of time when we moved in with one of Mother’s friends because she had decided to leave Tom… only to move back in with Tom a few weeks later, after he came calling on Mother. So that was a “double move,” I guess you could call it, moving from one place, to another, then back to the first place again.

Once everything is added up, there are plenty of “double moves,” and throughout the years, especially as a child, I have gauged time not by the year or by the month, but by which house we lived in at that time.

No, we weren’t military, and we certainly weren’t missionaries… We just moved. A LOT.

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  1. This was an article I ran across that reports, Eva Kor- a twin from Josef Mengele’s experiments, had great doubts that Mengele died in 1979, and that wasn’t his body that was exhumed in 1985. It was all a hoax.
    I know that the CIA, after WWII, snuck in several of the Nazi physicians, to further their own knowledge and experiments on mind control.
    It wouldn’t be surprising that Josef Mengele was one of them.

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    • Thank you for sharing the article. I can’t bring myself to read the entire piece just now. Maybe later. But not now. I’ll have to come back to it later when I’m in a better place.

      I guess it’s probably one of those things that I, and others, may never know the full truth about. As far as I’m concerned, I met Mengele that day in the hospital. But I’m also aware that programmers play tricks on people to cause them to perceive things that aren’t really truth. It’s all part of the programming process, to keep the victim trapped within a ongoing degree of uncertainty and doubt, never believing or trusting their own perceptions, and always relying on the programmer to tell them what is “truth” (the lie that the programmer wants the victim to believe to be truth).

      It’s gaslighting on the grandest of scales…

      Too, once the victim grows into an adult, the little lies they were told within the framework of programming (or all the half-truths… or all the misconceptions purposefully created for such a purpose), serves a secondary purpose, which is to cause others to doubt the testimony of the survivor.

      So… idk. All I know is that I met someone who looked exactly like Mengele (assuming the picture I saw is actually a picture of Mengele, and not a hoax). But like most things I’ve experienced, I don’t think it can be really be proven. They certainly know how to cover their tracks, and they usually (always…?) have factions of whatever government/s protecting them.

      So, that’s that.

      Thanks again for sharing. 😊❤


  2. Thank-you Loren. Some of this stuff is just beginning to be put together in my life. Time was always a big deal for me. What happened when? What followed what? And then I have flashes of memories with nothing to connect them to. What I find so ironic, was being a witch from birth, doing the deal from the very beginning, yet not training training, before the age of 47. But on a funnier note, I was thinking the other day how things turn up in my refrigerator that I need and don’t remember shopping for or buying. None of this stuff is freaking me out anymore. That’s the good part of God’s restoration!I remember someone saying that they cannot cross the blood barrier of Christ! I love that! Blessings

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  3. Hi Loren, I think I know of the street where you lived. It’s a very busy Main Street. I also think I know the hospital and I live in the mountains in the same town, I think, as your “Pamela” lived. Anyway, I can hardly go into the city where you lived. I feel the intense evil everywhere! Worse than anywhere else I have been other than maybe Las Vegas. I always pray the whole time I am there if I must be there.

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    • Yeah… The street near where we lived was busy even back years ago. I can only imagine how much more so now.

      There is a lot of witchcraft that went on in that entire valley, as well as up the mountains, of course, where you now live. Not sure how other people would describe it, but I think of it as a very active hub for demonic activity, and it’s like you say – it’s a very palpable feeling.


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