Bio: Systems and the Main Hall


As a survivor, I no longer believe it’s always a good idea to make public too many details about one’s personal internal system, particularly when mind-control programming has been involved. Unfortunately however, at the encouragement of my former so-called “life coach,” self-proclaimed “DID expert,” Dan Duval, I’ve already previously shared a certain amount of details, some that I now wish I wouldn’t have. But since the damage has been already done, I might as well talk about some of the things I’ve learned. At the least, other dissociative survivors may be able to learn from my mistakes.

On the other hand, I also believe that explaining a few basic things about systems can be helpful in the overall conversation surrounding dissociative disorders. So the personal experiences and opinions I share here is with that end in mind.


In case you don’t understand about the dissociative system, I’ve written a short definition and explanation about systems that can be found here: An Overview to Understanding Dissociation and D.I.D. 

But basically speaking, the “system” of a dissociative individual consists of the safe and unsafe parts of their inside world (often created either subconsciously, through trauma; or, in cases of TBMC, through programming), as well as all the other parts of them (who I usually refer to as “alters”) that stay there when they aren’t taking full or partial control of the body.

Important Note

Although it is not the same thing as a dissociative system, it should be noted that there can also be an internal world, of sorts — a spiritual space that is either created or “found” through a process of meditation and visualization — within occultists who have intentionally become dissociative through unsafe spiritual practices, such as through the various forms of meditation, or within so-called “Christian” doctrines, such as with the “Spirit Man theology.”

Read the rest: Snapshot #8: Systems and the Main Hall

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