Bio: The Good Witch and a Campaign of Gaslighting

I’ve been thinking about the first meetings I remember having with my main programmers, as well as an individual who I believe was the one who facilitated those meetings. But in order to give a proper explanation, I have to give a certain amount of background detail, as well as explain the basics of how and why I moved from my hometown in Texas to Southern California.


I will probably go into detail later (maybe), but my mother and father separated some time right before my third birthday. My brother was around two or three months old.

There was a lot of abuse both ways between my mother and father. My father was an alcoholic, and I was told that he became physically abusive when he would come home drunk.

Which is probably true.


The times I remember seeing and hearing my parents fight, all I ever remember seeing was my mother jumping on my father’s back, beating him with her fists, scratching him with her nails, and yanking his hair. And then he retaliating by shoving her away from him.

Point is, I never saw my father hit my mother or lay a hand on her except in self-defense. I’m not saying he never did. I’m saying, I never saw it.

What I do know, however, is that he wouldn’t come home sometimes. I remember them arguing about it, and him insisting that he was staying at Bill’s house, and then my mother laughing sardonically, and screaming back at him that he was “using Bill as an excuse, and that he was “staying with the whore he met at the bar.” 

(I’m not trying to be offensive, but those are the words my mother used).

Which probably has truth to it, as well, seeing as that when my brother was just a couple months old, my dad left my mother, and the young woman he moved in with had just given birth to their own little girl a few months prior. So… he was obviously having an affair on my mother.

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