Bio: Labeling Loren

Since I’ve been sharing about myself in the public eye, there have been three main misconceptions that people have thought to be true about me:

1. People assume I’m a former Satanist.

2. They assume I’m a former Luciferian (since few people seem to understand what this is, I don’t get labeled this a lot, but a few people have expressed this thought this about me).

3. I’ve been called a former Illuminist (and by a couple of people, an “ex-Illuminati”).

About Being a Former Satanist

No, I’m not a former Satanist.

I was not raised as a Satanist, so it’s dishonest to allow myself to be referred to as a former Satanist. I grew up in a charismatic household, first raised to be an “Apostolic/Pentecostal,” and later a “Christian.” But I have never ascribed my former religious beliefs to be Satanism.

However, the following is true:

1. Although I didn’t realize it as a child, my mother’s second husband, Tom, was a Satanist. His cover was…

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